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Rules for using Xenomorphs in Crossfire games

Basing and organisation

Figures should be based as for normal Crossfire with a stand of Xenomorphs representing a group of around six to eight. I have based mine in threes on 60mm round bases.

For every four stands of Xenomorphs there should be a leader figure equivalent to a PC that is used to co-ordinate group attacks. Xenomorph PCs can fight and represent a group of aliens so you can base them as you see fit. I have based mine singularly so they are easily recognisable as leaders but put them on 50mm bases, slightly smaller than the ‘troop’ bases rather than the usual 40mm command bases I use. This gives a ‘platoon’ of Xenomorphs consisting of four troop stands and a leader.

For every four Xenomorph platoons there should be a Queen and a Hive to act as an entry point for the Xenomorph reinforcements.

The human troops should be based as you would for modern battles. I base mine in fire groups of four figures on a 60mm circular base with two fire groups and a support weapon stand (50mm, two figures with SAW) making a ‘platoon’. Each stand of figures uses four shooting dice. A platoon can be further strengthened by the addition of a Humvee/APC for transport and more fire support. A standard force consists of two platoons and a HQ unit with a CC, a PC and another support weapon stand. The CC acts as a standard CC to call in off-board fire missions etc and the PC is used as a secondary spotter and a roving morale booster for all stands in the command.

If you want to use ‘Colonial Marines’ then a few robot gun stands wouldn’t be out of place.

Human civilians should be based in groups to represent a smallish crowd of ten to fifteen people. They do not fight and may only move according to the parameters of the scenario being played. Usually a stand will only move if it is accompanied by a stand of soldiers (troops or command, it doesn’t matter). If a stand of civilians without military escort is contacted by a Xenomorph it is killed immediately.

Extra rules

Trying to run a scenario similar to the Aliens film using Crossfire presents certain difficulties. The main problem is that the Aliens have no firepower and so cannot take the initiative away from the human player by using reaction fire which is the most common way of doing this.

Xenomorph reaction move

In order to counteract this the Aliens have a ‘reaction move’ instead of reaction fire. Reaction moves are conducted exactly as reaction fire would be except that the involved Xenomorphs attempt to close with the humans and enter close combat.

Reaction moves are conducted as a response to a human stand moving in line of sight of a Xenomorph stand (or stands). Xenomorphs may respond as a group by nominating a stand as the attack leader and allowing all stands within a base depth of it that are part of its ‘platoon’ to join in the attack so long as they can reach the moving human stand(s) in a single move. Alternatively, if a Xenomorph commander can see the moving humans, it can order all stands in its command to attack so long as those stands can see the humans and reach them in a single move.

As the Xenomorphs break cover and charge the human player may respond with a reaction fire of his own. This is conducted as any normal reaction fire.

If the Xenomorphs fail to reach the humans any ‘no fire’ markers just received are removed and the human player completes his move and continues with his activations as normal.

If the Xenomorphs reach the moving humans a close combat is conducted immediately. If the Xenomorphs lose this combat any ‘no fire’ markers just received are removed and the human player completes his move and continues with his activations as normal.

If the Xenomorphs win the combat they seize the initiative as normal but any ‘no-fire’ results still in force from the reaction move and the human response to it are removed immediately.

Xenomorph special abilities

Xenomorphs do not suffer pins. All pin results count as misses and receive a ‘no fire’ marker if they were part of a reaction fire.

At the beginning of a Xenomorph turn all existing suppression markers on Xenomorph stands are removed automatically.

If a Xenomorph stand is killed the splashing acid blood will suppress a single stand of humans (not a vehicle or its occupants) within a base depth if any are present (determine randomly). A human stand already suppressed that receives a second suppression is removed. Effects of this acid splatter do not cause the initiative to switch.
A human medic within a base depth of an acid splashed stand adds +2 to that stand's rally rolls in addition to any other bonuses from command stands.

Killed humans
Any human stands killed by the Xenomorphs are retained by the Xenomorph player until they are used to bring Xenomorph reinforcements on to the table (see later). Once used they are removed from play.

Close combat

A Xenomorph stand in close combat with a human receives +4 to its roll.

Xenomorphs gain +2 for each outnumbering stand they have in a close combat.

Xenomorphs attacking armoured vehicles receive no modifiers other than the +2 for outnumbering stands. (They may still win against an armoured vehicle as their blood can cause breaches in the hull allowing them access to the crew). Vehicles are not suppressed by Xenomorph blood splashes.


Whilst the Xenomorph Queen is alive the Xenomorph player may bring reinforcements into play to replace losses.

If the Queen is in the Hive a single stand of Xenomorphs may be returned to play at the beginning of each Xenomorph turn. These come onto the table in base contact with any hive terrain feature. This placement may be subjected to reactive fire from the human player. If the Queen is away from the hive these reinforcements don’t arrive. Reinforcements from dead humans may be placed though, see below.

In addition, each human stand killed may be used to hatch more Xenomorphs allowing more stands to be returned to play.

A human command stand allows a single extra stand of Xenomorphs to be returned to play, a troop stand allows two extra and a stand of civilians allows three extra Xenomorph reinforcements.

The Xenomorph player may only use a single stand of humans each turn and, once a stand has been used, it is removed from play and can't be used again.

The Queen

The Xenomorph Queen is a fearsome creature. Usually she is situated in the Xenomorph hive, safe from harm where she churns out Xenomorph troops.

Killing the Queen will secure a human victory no matter what the other scenario requirements may be.

The Queen is incredibly resilient and is immune to pins and suppressions, only outright kills will affect her and it takes three to actually destroy her.

In close combat the Queen starts with +6 (even against vehicles) and, if she is in the hive, rolls 2 dice. Outside the hive she only rolls one die as normal.

Beating the Queen in close combat counts as one of the three kills needed to finish her off. After losing the combat the Queen will splash blood and suppress a single stand (if any) as usual with Xenomorph ‘deaths’ but won’t actually die of course. Instead she will retreat until she is out of sight of any human stands, or retreat until she is in cover other than where the combat took place or, if neither option is available, stay put to fight again.
If the combat took place in the hive she will not retreat but will stay put to fight again.