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The plan

The plan is to renovate my existing Britannia Vikings with new, up-to-date bases (their 4th set of bases so far) and then add a second force of Crusader Miniatures Vikings so I have two SAGA war bands.

I could have gone with a different faction for my new figures but I like Vikings so, once they're done, they can fight each other.  I'm going to paint up a couple of monks too so they'll have someone to victimise.

My existing Vikings had been super glued to coins and then Basetexed. Getting them off their coins wasn't easy until I remembered someone saying that if you heat the coin they just pop off.

Well, I heated the coins with a lighter and, sure enough, the figures just popped off. Well, they didn't actually pop off, I still needed to use pliers but they came away with only the Basetex holding them not the original glue.

If I'd remembered about the glue trick at the beginning I could have avoided the blistered fingers from the pliers and the loss of poor Chopper Tom (originally a D&D character figure of mine from 1983) who was broken beyond repair and found his Valhalla in the bin.

Everyone else is awaiting their new basing compound.

Here's everyone finished:

While I was at it I also re-based a set of Gripping Beast clergy.

Here are some new Britannia monks and a couple of re-based Gripping Beast Normans.

2015 Update

This project is underway again this year. I sold off the Crusader Miniatures Viking army I bought as the thought of actually painting that many Vikings wasn't pleasant.

Instead I have ordered a few Britannia Vikings (13) which are enough to give me two four-point SAGA Viking forces that can fight each other.

I'll probably get a ship and some Viking tents from Warbases too but first things first.

Here are the completed Britannia Vikings.

Eight new warriors.

Four new Hearthguard.

And another Warlord. This one is from CP Models. The extra Viking from Britannia is to replace Chopper Tom (see above) and keep the numbers correct.

I've finally found a suitable Viking longship. This is from Darkops and only costs £15.00. It comes with shields and oars which I've left off since my warriors are on land pillaging. The sail was made by my daughter. Other good news, the ship is being captained by a new Chopper Tom! I finally sourced another casting of him from eBay so he lives again, back from the dead after his predecessor's basing accident (see above).