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The United Nations became aware that the world faced threats from extraterrestrial sources, and that with the space program sending probes deeper and deeper into space, mankind had drawn attention to itself. Consequently, the United Nations established UNIT with the mandate to investigate, monitor and combat such threats. Lethbridge-Stewart was promoted to the rank of Brigadier and put in charge of the British contingent, which was apparently under the purview of the British government's Department C19.

The newly formed UNIT's baptism of fire was an invasion by the Cybermen. UNIT repulsed this, with the Second Doctor's help. Following this, Lethbridge-Stewart became convinced of the necessity of scientific advice in battling extraterrestrial threats, and recruited Dr Elizabeth Shaw from Cambridge. Coincidentally, the Third Doctor had been exiled to Earth by the Time Lords, and he agreed to join UNIT as its Scientific Advisor just in time to help defeat the Autons.

UNIT first operated out of an office building in London and subsequently moved to a headquarters in the country that had been built over the ruins of a priory. Its main headquarters is with the United Nations in Geneva.

My Painted U.N.I.T. Figures

Platoon HQ group comprising Sgt. Benton, sigs, two squaddies and the Brigadier. At the back you can see the 'Dalek Retrieval Operative' who is tasked with fetching the remains of knocked out Daleks, his robot is next to him. This group travels around in the obligatory U.N.I.T. Land Rover.

My U.N.I.T. forces are modelled on the platoon structure of the British Army. Glen Brooks of Brooks Miniatures provided the following information which I did my best to  stick to.

A section is eight men, made up of two fire teams of four men. The entire section is commanded by a section commander who holds the rank of Corporal, who also commands the first fire team designated "Charlie". His second in command is a Lance Corporal, who commands the second fire team which is named "Delta".

Each fire team consists of a commander, an LSW gunner, a 94mm LAW man and a rifleman, armed with an SA80. Thus a section's firepower comprises two 94mm LAW men, two LSW men and four SA80 riflemen.

A platoon is comprised of three such sections, together with a platoon commander's group. This group contains four men in total: the platoon commander (either a lieutenant or second lieutenant); his radio operator; the platoon sergeant; and his 51mm mortar man.

1 section commanders in some units have the SA80 40mm granade launcher.
2. some units in the section have 1 or 2 depending on stores the Minimi.
3. also depending on unit and stores some units are being given the LAW66.
4, and the 51mm mortar is in and out depending on who you talk too.
The bottom line is we change ORBATS and kit depending on the tour, units SOP`s and kit at hand.

1st Section.

2nd Section

Platoon Suport elements, an emplaced GPMG and an 80mm mortar.

There's a four-man group armed with SAW (M60s) that can act as fire support or as part of an assault group. Here they're standing next to the Scorpion tank that U.N.I.T. can call on for some heavy support.

All figures from The Assault Group.
Scorpion is an old Dinky diecast, buildings from The Drum.

The British Infantryman's kit .

By Glen Brooks of Brooks Miniatures

Have you ever wondered when painting your figures what is in the packs?
Well here are some answers.
1.  The combat jacket will have, light weight compass, pens, pencils, notebooks,
biros, first field dressing, pocketknife, map and gloves. Also you may have
ops kit ie wire cutter and gloves.

2.  The webbing. Working from left to right as you wear it. First 2 ammo
pouches. With 6 full 30 round mags. Then the bayonet. Then the utility pouch.
In this would be the following. Mess tins, rations, cooker, next should be a
small folding shovel however this is total rubbish and is usually left in camp.
But the pouch does make a great water bottle carrier. So most men have a
water bottle there. Next is the water bottle pouch with, water bottle, brew kit
for tea, coffee, also a spoon and mug. Next are the last 2 ammo pouches. In
these you have 1 HE grenade and 1 smoke grenade.

3.   The daysack / jet packs from the bergan. Here you will carry warm kit, socks,
foot powder, more rations, batteries, night sight, poncho with bungees, wet
proofs, empty sand bags, string, if long night ops small sleeping bag. Digging Tool, more first aid kit. Maybe spare ammo.

4. CBA combat body armour.

Above is what we call CEFO complete equipment fighting order. This may weigh
anything between 30-45 lbs. You also carry a 9lb rifle a helmet and some men will
carry the LAW 94 as well. With this you live and fight in.

Next is CEMO complete equipment marching order. This is with the above, but
now add the bergan.

4.Bergan. In the bergan you carry. More rations, sleeping bag, socks, warm kit,
string more batteries and more ops kit. This can weigh anything from 50lb upto
70lb + depending on area of ops.
In total you are looking at about 70lb-110lb of kit on your back. Then add your
weapons. Hopefully now when you paint your troops you may feel sorry for them.

Alien Invasion Rules for U.N.I.T.

U.N.I.T. operates in sections (see above) with each section split into two fire teams. Each fire team can move or shoot independently of the other but it only requires one action for both of them to be able to do things as the complete section is the 'group'. Therefore U.N.I.T. is a very mobile and tactically aware force that can respond quickly to a changing environment.

When any
U.N.I.T. forces are deployed there must also be an HQ element present. There are various HQ permutations available but usually there will be a command section and a support section making up a group. Again, a single action will allow both parts of the group to act independently.

U.N.I.T. personel are human and have standard toughness:
Open- 6, Cover- 9, Building- 12.

Here is a typical
U.N.I.T. force:

Two sections of two fire teams each.
Each fire team comprises:
2 Rifles 1D6 each, 1 LSW 2D6, 1 LAWS 4D6
Total 8D6
Section total 16D6

HQ Section
Brigadier 1D6 allows linked fire
Sgt. Benton 1D6
Signals allows off-board fire support
2 rifles 1D6 each (one of these is the Sig)
1 LAWS 4D6
Total 8D6
Attached HMG 8D6 Once the HMG has fired it costs an action to pick it up before it can be moved. Deploying it to fire does not cost an action.
Section total 16D6

U.N.I.T. has access to quite a bit of off-board equipment and specialist forces, a sample is listed here and more may be added over time.

Tank  which moves as an independent vehicle and can take 50 points of damage before being destroyed, regardless of what terrain it occupies. It's weapons do 10D6 in a 6 inch template area.

Air strike arrives if needed and made available in a scenario when a Special Event card is drawn. The
U.N.I.T. player can place a 6 inch template any where on the table  and subject any groups it touches to 10D6 damage. Not available if the radio operator is dead.

Company Mortar fire is called in as an action by the HQ section and does 8D6 damage in a 6 inch template which can be placed anywhere that the
U.N.I.T. commander figure can see. Not available if the radio operator is dead.

In addition to any scenario victory conditions, U.N.I.T. can claim a victory
if all the aliens are killed or leave the planet.

U.N.I.T. Cards

Here are the cards you'll need to use U.N.I.T. with the Alien Invasion rules. They have been designed so you can print them out, fold them in half and laminate them in plastic wallets. Click on the sample card to download a pdf of the full set.