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15th July 2006 TMP Game Meet

This Saturday some of my fellow TMPers travelled down for a day of gaming. They had kindly agreed to test drive my Alien Invasion game before I run it live at the Eastbourne Show at the end of this month.

The Players L to R: Johnny, Germy, Nigel Molesworth and AlienSurfer.

We all met at Mark's house (Nigel Molesworth in the picture above) around midday and proceeded to launch straight into the first game. I had set up a simple scenario where the four factions; Men in Black, U.N.I.T., Spugs and Daleks had to collect some alien eggs that had fallen to Earth. Their task was complicated further by the presence of panicking local inhabitants and fairly heavily armed local gangstas.

The fact that the eggs had an unfortunate habit of hatching and disgorging their tentacled, hostile contents didn't help either.

It was gratifying for me as the game originator that everyone wanted a second game as soon as the first one finished. Generally the day was a great success and more are planned for the future.

U.N.I.T. won the first game, ably played by Johnny. They also won the second game, played by AlienSurfer, but only because the MiB couldn't resist a drive-by killing attempt on Davros. There follow some random photos from both games:

Spug setup position, there's another large Assault Squad off to the left as well. (The three Daleks aren't really there)

U.N.I.T. set up, there's another squad split into two sections at the far end by the taxi garage. One of the alien eggs is visible on the elevated train track.

MiB set up. There's an angry group of armed gangstas in the fenced area to their right and some confused local residents further away in the street.

The Daleks arrive. They are also next to some armed youths who opened an ineffectual fire on them almost immediately before leaping into their car and speeding away.

The Daleks' retaliation was swift and brutal. The flaming wreck of the car remained for the rest of the game as a warning to others.

The MiB take to the elevated railway to start collecting some eggs. They managed to get an egg into their car before it hatched and the tentacled thing it spawned killed both operatives and turned them into hideous, mind controlled zombies who went on to attack their friends.

Daleks and MiB trade shots across the roof tops as frightened city residents scurry past below.

Meanwhile, other Daleks question a recalcitrant Earth being.

The last Spug team rush towards the final egg they need, accompanied by the Little Green Man that has hatched from one of the eggs they'd already collected, only to find their way blocked by a MiB clean up squad that rapidly deploys in front of them and subjects them to withering fire.

Too much withering fire as it happens. The Little Green Man is killed as well as all the Spugs, just as Mummy comes to collect him. Mummy is very, very cross.....

The MiB were responsible for some fairly ugly atrocities in both games; possibly the most memorable was when the Doctor emerged from his TARDIS only to be bundled to the ground by four men in dark suits who proceeded to 'probe' him, sadly with fatal results. A successful regeneration followed soon after so no harm was done other than the Doctor spending the rest of the game doing his 'John Wayne walk' impression. A sorry state of affairs indeed for a once proud Time Lord.

Alien Surfer's Photos

The Daleks leave the train without paying.

The MIB kill Davros with a drive-by and win the second game for U.N.I.T.

The MIB notice the Dalek invasion force.

U.N.I.T. troops prepare to defend themselves from an onslaught of radioactive zombies that were once their comrades.

The MIB find a nasty surprise in their car.

A whole section of U.N.I.T. troops were killed by the gangstaz in the pink Caddy but the HMG exacted suitable revenge before the killers could escape. Innocent civillians flee from the carnage.

At the other end of town U.N.I.T. put paid to another car load of undesirable 'youf'. That'll fix their little red wagon.

The last of the civilians becomes zombie food for his mind-controlled neighbours. Brains.......

'We came. We saw. We kicked its ass.'- Dr. Peter Venkman