Matakishi's Tea House

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This year's Matakishi's Tea Party will be held on Saturday September 21st at the Bishop David Brown School, Albert Drive, Surrey, Woking, GU21 5RF (same venue as always).

The Metal Matakishi above is plated in 22ct gold, there are still some available so visitors to the Tea Party will be able to claim one this year as well. As always I have to thank Mike Broadbent for sculpting him and organising his new shiny coat for me.

There will be the usual mix of games, food and good company and everyone is welcome. If you'd like to attend please let me know by leaving a comment below, using the contact tab on the right of your screen or by emailing me at

If you'd like to host a game, don't be shy, we still have room.

A report of last year's event can be found here.

When you arrive at the school these front doors will be open:

Inside, turn immediately left and head down the short corridor (past the handy toilets) to the room at the end where the Tea Party is taking place.

The Games

The first confirmed game will be hosted by Eric the Shed from the now famous (surely) Shed Wars blog. Details to follow.

The day was filled with the sound of Muskets and Tomahawks  thanks to the efforts of Eric and son whilst in my little corner of the room Conan was sprung from jail again by his girlfriends. Not an original outing for me as I showcased this scenario at the very first Tea Party but I was able to use my new buildings this time.

Later in the day Malamute and Jim Bibbly arrived with some Gladiators too.

Oodles of home made cakes were on offer from the kitchen of Mark Bush to keep everyone full.

This year we were graced with visitors from Ireland and Australia as well as many less far flung guests. I would like to thank everyone who came for their good company and enjoyable conversation. Same again next year!

These photos are from Dr De'ath:

A selection of Eric's photos, the rest can be found here.

A couple of photos from Niall's photos:

This final set of photos is from John and Victoria.