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Building A Better Stargate

By Revford

Inspired by the work of Westfalia Chris I've had it in my mind for a long time to build a better Stargate. My old gaming table gate is, well to be kind, piss poor. So poor I'm not even going to post a pic of it. The new gate had to be bigger, thinner, simple and look like a stargate.

Wikipedia provided a template for me to work from, with this excellent diagram of the gate:

Taken from here

So I printed it out at about the right size, assembled a sheet of foamcore and a sheet of plasticard and with a bit of help, got cracking. We taped one copy of the diagram to the foamcore and cut that out with a knife. The other we trimmed a chevron out from and used that as template to cut out 9 copies from the plasticard.

Actually the template for the chevron wore down quickly so we used three copies of it.
Then it was as simple as gluing on the chevrons with superglue.
Next stop, texture and painting.

Pictured here full of 28mm Shieldwall Jaffa to give an impression of scale.

5" opening, 7" overall.

The Dial Home Device.
I don't have a template for this, so I looked for things with vaguely the right shapes, the best I came up with was the bottom of a glue bottle and the mouth of an asthma inhaler.

I cut the sections out, the large section from foamcore and the inner ring from plasticard. As a bonus, I've found a red bead to act as the activation crystal.

Here is the top of the DHD assembled.

And here is the bottom with the legs attached, also cut from foamcore.

And the basic DHD glued to a base. With a Jaffa for scale.

Next is waiting for the glue to dry, then boxing in the base. After that, a coat of sandtex, PVA and sand for the base, paint and then adding the crystal to finish.

Trimming the base down to the edges of the stand means I can reuse it on any terrain without it looking out of place.

It just seemed like a better idea that way. Also saves time on construction. Lots of time.

With the basic shape complete, I added the crystal.

Then, with the crystal covered in masking tape, I glued the DHD to the end of a screwdriver so I could paint the texture over the whole thing in one go.
All textured up. Once this is dry it's going to be painted exactly the same as the Gate.

Now for the Stargate base.

The blocks are cast up from plaster using a Hirst Arts mould (number 70). These take a good day or so to set.
Next I glue them together with Silicone Rubber Sealant, as it's the only stuff I've found that really bonds the plaster blocks solid.
This takes a few hours to set then it's the same black to grey to white paint job as the other Stargate parts.

The extra walls shown are just that, walls, built from the spare blocks leftover from the casting.

When painted I mounted it on a cardboard base. Once the silicone set I trimmed and painted the cardboard and the gate was complete.

The Stargate is removable so I can build alternative bases for it to stand in and match up with other scenery.

And a shot of the completed Stargate on the table, our brave explorers appear to find the Chappa'ai defended by Jaffa: