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The Initial Plan

It took me over  a day just to clean and assemble these little blighters. Didn't do my hands any good either, they have loads of sharp bits on them. (You can see a photo of my hands here if you want, but it's not nice so be warned.)
They are excellent little chaps though, available from Paul at Spriggan Miniatures. I was the first customer for the original set of Spugs and first again for the light and heavy Spugs that have just been released. It's about time I got on and painted them I think.
The assembles horde above comprises two attack groups (on the left and right) each made up of 4 Drone Troopers, 1 Heavy weapon Drone, 1 Alpha Drone, 1 Omega Drone, and a Comms Drone. Included in each attack group are 3 Scout Grubs (from Heresy Miniatures) and a Tunneling Bug (from Mongoose Publishing). The Spugs strike from beneath your feet!!!!
In the centre at the back is the Heavy Assault Squad made up of a Spugnaut, 4 Heavy Infantry Drones and 4 JumpSpugs. In the front is the Recon Squad made up of 4 Light Infantry Drones, 1 Alpha Drone and a Scanner Drone. This squad is supported by 3 Waspitos (from Heresy Miniatures).
Lurking behind the Recon Squad are a pair of Infiltrator Spugs (from Ral Partha). Trained to blend into human society and look and act as humans to gather intelligence. The Spugs need to hone this idea a bit, but it's sound in principle.
There is an painting diary/article on painting the Spug horde here:

My Spug Force

My finished force isn't quite the same as the planned force. The Spugnaut fell apart once too often so he's gone to a better home. The Waspitoes weren't sturdy enough for gaming either in my opinion, they've gone to a better home too (the same one). I haven't painted the Jump Spugs or the Power Armour Spugs this time round, they'll wait for another 'window of opportunity'. The Infiltrator spugs are half done.
Never mind, the two basic attack squads are complete as are the Light Spugs. This gives me 22 basic Spugs, 6 Hellmites and 2 Burrower Worms, more than enough to give U.N.I.T. a hard time, or anyone else for that matter.

The twelve basic Spug troopers including two heavy weapons Spugs.

Light Spugs formed into a Recon Squad.

Two Technicians who control the Hellmites. Behind them are the Burrower Worms that make the Attack Tunnels.
The Hellmites are from Heresy Miniatures and the Burrowers are from Mongoose Publishing.

Here is a full Spug Squad.

A whole nest of Spugs!!

Multi basing

I've recently overhauled my Spugs with a view to using them in my Future Wars setting. Here they are with their snazzy new bases and their toned down brown Hellmites.

Click on the big group shot below for a larger version.

I made these towers for my Spice Lice but, as you can see,they work well for Spugs too. They're just banksia nuts with one of the rounded ends sawn off so they could be stuck on to a base. I bought them for about £5.00 each off Ebay.

Alien Invasion Rules for Spugs

Spugs operate in squads of varying sizes, usually with Mites and/or Burrower Worms attached.

Spugs are very quick and move 16 inches as an action. Spugs can also jump vertically up to 8 inches as a move (there must be a platform to land on). Mites move 24 inches over any surface including vertical ones. Burrowers cannot move on the surface.

Spugs and Mites are unaffected by terrain except soft going like water or marsh which they canít cross at all unless the Spugs can jump it, ie it is less than 8 inches across.

Spugs roll 1D6 per weapon and can link fire. Heavy weapon rolls 4D6

Mites roll 2D6 in close combat only but may be exploded by their Controller as an action for a 6 inch radius blast effect of 4D6, any other mites caught in an explosion will blow up also and this damage will be linked to the previous damage. If the controller is killed the mites can do nothing except charge towards the nearest enemy (regardless of LOS) and attempt to melee them. Each time a Triple Action card is drawn for the Spugs, one action MUST be used to move uncontrolled Mites if there are any. They can be moved with actions as normal too of course. A Controller can direct the mites to a target he can see without having to see their path to it so the mites can be sent on flanking moves etc.

Spugs are tough and require the following scores to kill:

Open- 9, Cover- 12, Building- 15.

Mites require the same as humans:

Open- 6, Cover- 9, Building- 12. Mites do not explode when shot or killed, they must be detonated by a Controller.

Burrowers are armoured and require 30 in order to kill them regardless of terrain.

Burrowers spend 1 action to tunnel down, 1 to tunnel anywhere on the table and 1 to surface. Accompanying Spug squads are carried down and along for free but require an action to deploy on the surface. Burrowers may be moved independently to rendezvous with their squad if it has moved away. Place a Spug hole at burrow points. Surfacing at an existing Spug hole does not require an action for the Worm but still requires a deployment action for the accompanying Spugs. Burrowing down always requires an action.

Spugs do not fall back after close combat, they fight to the death. Combat with Spugs that does not result in their extinction will be continued and resolved on the next appropriate card draw.

An opponent of the Spugs may take an action with a whole group to close a hole.

Spugs should start with a total of three holes per squad, 2 per squad deployed and the rest to build as needed.

Burrowers can attack in melee if they appear next to a group of enemies. They roll 6D6.

Spug Cards

Here are the cards you'll need to use Spugs with the Alien Invasion rules. They have been designed so you can print them out, fold them in half and laminate them in plastic wallets. Click on the sample card to download a pdf of the full set.

'I am the Lexx. I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. I was grown on the Cluster, which is ruled by His Shadow. The food was good there. My captain is Stanley Tweedle. I blow up planets for him.'- the Lexx