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In the year 1980, a secret military organization named SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) becomes operational. Its purpose is to defend the Earth from Aliens who've been coming to Earth and kidnapping humans. It is believed that these Aliens are a dying race, and are transplanting human body parts to extend their own lifespans.

SHADO's main headquarters is hidden beneath a film studio near London England. SHADO also has a base on the moon (Moonbase) and a fleet of submarines (Skydiver). Incoming UFO's are initially detected by an Earth orbiting satellite named SID (Space Intruder Detector). An initial interception attempt is made in space with three Interceptor craft launched from Moonbase. A second attempt is made in the Earth's atmosphere with a fighter plane (Sky One) launched from Skydiver. Landed UFO's are tracked down with ground Mobiles.

The Aliens

The reason the Aliens keep coming to Earth has pretty much remained a mystery. Straker theorized that the Aliens might be a dying humanoid race which had become sterile, and are coming to Earth to extend their own lifespans using human organs for replacements. One person who seems to be speaking for the Aliens confirms that their planet is dying, and they mean no harm to the people of Earth.


However, there is some doubt as to whether the Aliens are humanoid at all, as the remains of an Alien body appears to be 100% human in origin. Dr. Jackson theorizes that the Aliens may not be humanoid at all, but are merely taking over the minds of humans and using the bodies as "vehicles". This theory is backed up as the Aliens appear to have taken over the mind of a cat.

However, the Alien's behavior sometimes remains confusing. Like when they planted bombs, or tried to wipe out all life on Earth. This is simply not consistent with their previous statements that they wish no harm to the people of Earth, nor is it consistent with a race that requires a large supply of healthy human bodies.

Alien Sightings.

Sightings of the aliens are rare, here are some photos that a SHADO operative managed to get  showing alien activity in South East Asia.

A UFO lands in an asian jungle and the crew  cautiously emerge.

More UFOs must have landed nearby because soon the aliens are joined by more of their kind. They proceed to investigate the nearby statue.

The alien command team move off into the jungle accompanied by two robot gun drones.

Alien figures are from Moonfleet Miniatures, small UFO are Konami and the big one is from Product Enterprise.
The Statue and jungle were made by Todd McQuaid (Bravo Six).

SHADO Deploys

SHADO's main form of ground defence are their Mobiles.

These are heavily armed and armoured personnel carriers that can transport a squad of SHADO Operatives to the site of a UFO landing and then provide supporting firepower for the ensuing engagement.

Here we can see two squads of SHADO Operatives; one led by Commander Straker himself and the other by Lt. Ellis who usually commands the Moonbase.

The Alien UFO crew are soon rounded up and killed after a short struggle. There's no point taking chances with them, they're extremely dangerous.

The victorious crew pauses before re-embarking and returning to SHADO Headquarters.

All the SHADO personnel are made by the Wargames Supply Dump, from their Dick Garrison range. The Mobile is a re-painted Matchbox missile truck.