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Most of the month was spent recovering from a painful hernia operation so I didn't get much done. 13 Ainsty dungeon worms, an Admiral Matakishi and a Harbinger Grey scientist were added to the finished pile.

I bought some more WWII Germans, the Ainsty worms above some Black Cat Bases sheep and a few odds and ends at SALUTE for current and future projects.

Figures painted this month:15

Figures painted this year: 113

Figures bought this month:43

Figures bought this year: 249


I painted the last 7 gladiators for my Gladiators project, miniatures from Crusader and Shadowforge. The 5 bears and 2 werbears from last month were done for my LPL entry and are shown here with some wolves I finished at the end of last year. All these will find their way into my Conan setting. I also painted all the 16 Crooked Dice Captain Scarlet figures.

I bought 21 Dixon Miniatures oriental goblins for my Japanese Fantasy project and 24 Crusader WWII Germans for a future project as they were on sale.

Figures painted this month: 30

Figures painted this year: 98

Figures bought this month: 45

Figures bought this year: 206


14 Grey infiltrators (OOP Harbinger Miniatures) to add to my Future War forces, the first 7 Ronin for my Japanese Fantasy set (Dixon Miniatures and a converted Pulp Figures child monk) and the first 8 Crusader gladiators for my Gladiators project.

I bought some bears and a couple of werebears for a Lead painters League entry and some tents and a wagon for my Zulu War project. I also bought 16 Crooked Dice figures for a future project.

Figures painted this month: 29

Figures painted this year: 68

Figures bought this month: 32

Figures bought this year: 161


39 Zulu warriors from Redoubt Enterprises.

I bought 125 figures for my Zulu War project this month but obviously I'm hoping they'll get painted pretty quickly so the painted to unpainted ratio shouldn't stay bad for long.

I also picked 5 second hand figures destined for my Conan project and probably my Unspeakable Horrors setting.

Figures painted this month: 39

Figures painted this year: 39

Figures bought this month: 129

Figures bought this year: 129