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29th-30th July 2006, To the Redoubt

This wargames show is hosted by the Eastbourne Wargames Club at The Redoubt, a Napoleonic coastal fortress in Eastbourne which has been restored and is now a military museum.

The museum consists of several collections, primarily those of two distinguished regiments of the British Army, The Royal Sussex Regiment and The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars. The other major collection is that of the Sussex Combined Services Museum, which records all military ties with the county.

This yearís show seemed less well attended than last yearís. This is a shame because people are missing out on a great experience if they donít attend. There were fewer traders than last year from what I could tell but those that were there reported good business.

The games on show were varied and of a high standard. Apart from my little Science Fiction foray they were all historical.

This was a 20mm WWII game on some very nice modular hand-built terrain. It had Stukas which are a personal favourite of mine so this is high on my list of Ďgoodí games.

This was an interesting Wild West/ACW game where some Confederates appeared to be trying to rob a bank whilst avoiding a rather large cattle stampede.

This was Paul Darnellís Touching History display with some ECW figures roaming around on Paulís fantastic hand-built terrain. Imagine my surprise when we learned we only live a couple of miles from each other, I will be playing on this soon!

The most stunning game was this Pearl Harbour set up by the South London Warlords, simply amazing.

This is my set up, Mark Bush helped me out all weekend once again, a big thank you to you Mark, same again next year please.

Hereí a close up showing my newly done base boards, the laminated Action card deck and the 30 D6 I bought from Em-4 just before I set off.

We only had two games over the weekend which was a pity. But, never mind, quality over quantity. This is Sam who won the first game and took his MIB to victory over all comers including his brother. Apparently this was the first wargame that Samís ever won. The first of many I think, he has a killer streak to him. Our other winner was Luke whoís Daleks were very unkind to his Dadís UNIT troops (and the Doctor). Well done to both of them.

On Saturday night we were invited to a barbeque at ĎPeteís placeí (thatís Peter Helm, the founder of Redoubt Enterprises) There was free food and drink, friendly wargamer company and, best of all for me, I got to see the actual Fort Zinderneuf that Peter built for his Foreign Legion games. A real masterpiece.

Iíd like to thank Peter, Leigh and the rest of the Eastbourne club for organising the show and making us feel so welcome. Sadly we had to leave earlier than we wanted on Sunday because of some complications at home but we plan to return next year.

I really do urge you to give this show a go, make a note in your diaries now so you donít forget.