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GamesFest 2

Sadly I don't feel GamesFest 2 was as successful as the organizers hoped or deserved. There didn't seem to be many people through the doors at all which is a shame because the location was pleasant, there was a goodly amount of things to see and do, some traders to buy from and a lot of very pleasant and enthusiastic people to talk to. Certainly, from an exhibitor's point of view, I have never been treated as well at a show as I was at GamesFest 2.

I went along with my Alien Invasion participation game. My helpers this time were the ever-present Mark Bush and, as an extra bonus, Simon Webb and Karl Saunders. A public thank you to them for their unstinting and enthusiastic help throughout the day.

Here's my game, that's Karl on the left. The picture's a tad blurry because I wasn't using the flash. We had two games on the day which seemed to be enjoyed by all. Thanks to everyone who played or stopped by to talk about the game or ask questions.

Other attractions included this large Warmachine game

This is why I tried not to use the flash. I suppose I'll have to invest in a tripod at some point. There were some excellently painted miniatures on show here which aren't shown to their best by my meager photographic skills.

This War Gods of Olympus game had Spartans trying to stop demons from escaping out of Tartarus; a variation on the Thermopylae theme. Again, some great painting here.

There was also a WH40K tournament. I liked this table the best.

Simon won a signed copy of the new Talisman game in the raffle. I would have had the winning ticket but I couldn't find my money quick enough, as usual he resorted to trickery to best me.

A lot of people put in a lot of effort for this show and its a shame they weren't rewarded a little better by more attendees on the day. I hope this show continues to grow and that Mark Lucas and his fellow organizers  keep going with it. I'm sure their efforts will bear fruit in the long run. My only suggestion would be to lower the entrance fee a bit. I hope to attend next year with a different game, maybe I'll see you there?