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A thrilling Fantastic Worlds adventure

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1. Ghosts of mars.                                           2. Mission to Mars.

3. Assault.                                                         4. The Lizard figures it out.

5. Speaking to the dead.                                 6. The key.

7. Everybody else notices too.                       8. Attack of the Tuskor Beast.

9. The startling conclusion.                             To be continued...

Marc Anderson is the author of Fantastic Worlds: Pulp Action in the Far Reaches of Space, a tabletop miniatures game that simulates all the worlds-spanning action of the era of pulp magazines. Players can take on the roles of colorful heroes or unscrupulous villains. With ray guns, blasters, and phasers they can fight their way through the minions of interstellar crime or seek to control the universe.

Fantastic Worlds
is published by Rattrap Productions.

Mars has approximately half the radius of Earth and only one-tenth the mass, being less dense, but its surface area is only slightly less than the total area of Earth's dry land. The red-orange appearance of the Martian surface is caused by iron oxide.

Mei capilli sunt flagrantes (My hair is on fire)