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What's the idea?

The idea is for me to re-base or otherwise re-purpose some of my old miniatures so I can use them in my current games.

I don't intend to repaint these old miniatures. Many were painted 25+ years ago but, so long as the paint isn't damaged, I plan to keep them as they are. They might not be as well painted as my current stuff but they are of their time and I'm happy with them.

I'm renovating more miniatures than I'm showing here. Some are destined for particular projects so they'll be posted in the relevant sections.

The Miniatures

Let's get started then. this first set is my wolf pack. All the miniatures are originally from Chronicle Miniatures whose style I loved. Nick Lund was the first sculptor whose name I knew and whose work I could recognise.

The werewolf in the blue trousers is also a Chronicle Miniature. The werewolf with the sword is from Asgard miniatures.

The smaller dog at the front is a Ral Partha wolf. 

These repulsive little things are Alternative Armies 15mm giant spiders. They're mounted on 50mm bases and work well for 28mm games.

Pack animals are always useful. These are from Citadel, Dixon, and Connoisseur Miniatures.

Grenadier demons.

A Grenadier big demon, Orcus? and a Ral Partha chap.

Two more Ral Partha ones. I think these were all AD&D Planescape miniatures.

If you have the forces of Hell you'll need some of God's chosen to combat them. These are Redoubt monks.

Some more Chronicle Miniatures. Kobolds to begin with.

Some individuals. A wight, a chest (with Citadel goblin feet, he is Chester, once a mimic but soon became a trusted and indispensable member of several D&D parties), an undead  chap with a scythe and a dwarf.

I also have a Chronicle Mummy. Here he is with three Citadel ones and a Reaper Mummy.

Some Games Workshop giant eagles.

More Chronicle miniatures. These two are both a bit of a cheat for this section. The giant has been repainted as well as being rebased. He was painted in enamels a long time ago and needed brightening up a little. Chopper Tom is a replacement for a miniature I broke when I was rebasing it for my Vikings project so I had to source a new one and paint him.