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The Figures

I'm using the Inkerman Casting 28mm figures for this project. I'm going to start with a company sized force for each side based for Crossfire.

The Commonwealth forces are made up of a platoon of British regulars, a platoon of Gurkhas and a platoon of Malayan Police with two Saracen armoured vehicles for support. 

The communists have two platoons of infantry with an extra machine gun and rifle stand to support the Company Commander.

Sadly, Dave Howitt of Britannia passed away in January this year so the plans he had for this range and the ones to follow it will never be realised. I never met Dave in person although we spoke on the phone many times and at one point I was the sole UK retailer of Britannia Miniatures. If you've looked around this site you'll know how much I like Dave's figures. I hope they remain in production somehow.  He was an outstanding member of our hobby and I will miss him greatly.

Painted Figures

Here is the first platoon of Communists. Click on the picture for a larger version.

2nd platoon. Click on this for a larger version too.

The command group. I want to get two more sets of women terrorists to expand this into a third platoon eventually.

Some in situ shots of everyone.

2016: Although I scrapped this project a couple of years ago and sold off my miniatures for it I have recently painted the two Saracens I bought and added them to my Wild Geese mercenary forces. Here are the photos posted here as well just for the sake of completeness.

Click on the picture above for a larger version.

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