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Day Six

Day 6 started late, Dad has been feeling a bit under the weather and had a lie in while I tried to figure out how I could run downstairs for food without waking him, stopping all power in the room or inviting in unwanted visitors. It was an interesting morning.

Once we were up and had had some breakfast (early lunch w/e) we decided it was time to head to Diver City! We walked to Shinjuku station (buying a cute umbrella on the way!!) and got a train, rather than the metro to Tokyo Teleport station. (I can teleportation - Sayanee 2k14).

 We were instantly greeted by the giant ferris wheel and some sort of bike race. Why people would want to ride bikes fast and hard in this weather I don’t know. But there were some cool bikes lined up with anime wheels, one even had Ikoma on the wheel!

We headed inside to Venus fort, which is a large outlet mall inspired by 18th century Europe. So we felt right at home...probably. The ceiling was pretty cool as it was made to look like a fake sky, there was a large fountain in the middle of one of the plaza’s and there were even lots of ‘paintings’ of naked babies on the walls too.

There was a huge promotion for their “HOT & COLD” menu as we walked in and Dad insisted that we found a certain item on it….so off we went. It was blue, I couldn't resist. It turned out that the weird drink Dad had insisted on finding was actually at a cafe that welcomed dogs. In fact the whole place did, which even though we aren’t dog people we found it hilarious watching the dogs that all had little outfits on, but more importantly had prams.

Dog prams. The dogs don't walk anywhere and they're all dressed up in clothes (they must be boiling). We couldn't figure out if this was the owners' choice or if walking dogs was prohibited.

Dog menu. The seating area to the left under the sign featured a huge screen featuring dog news items to entertain the dogs while they ate.

The blue drink at last.

Yum! Well, actually it was cold and wet and didn't really taste of anything except sugar, but, what the hell, it was blue and therefore better than any other coloured dink on offer.

We even found a shop that sold prams especially for dogs (at a ridiculous price). After our drink we headed across to a store that mainly sold Studio Ghibli items.

As we aren’t able to go to the museum this was a nice compromise, it was also somewhere that Dad managed to buy more than one thing. I bought a pair of toilet seat covers, Totoro and Kiki's cat. We had another break at the dog cafe and then decided to look around.

We didn’t get far as we actually stumbled upon a 100yen store, but if you are imagining this store to be anything like poundland you are completely wrong. In fact it wasn’t until we were searching for the prices and finding none that we realised it probably was a set amount store. All the items didn’t look cheap and seemed really good quality. We bought a lot to say the least….and I then went back later for more.

We took a quick break with some crepes, and immediately felt sick from all the cream and decided to head out to the wheel.

Too much cream, yes, really!

(Once you’ve made it out of the Venus fort maze) A quick walk through the Toyota showroom (which was pretty cool, the concept car was awesome!) brings you to the bottom of the wheel…...its quite tall and the carriages seemed to swing a little bit too much for our liking.

We took pictures and promptly left in search of the giant Gundam. 

There was a cosplayer photo shoot going on but we didn't bother them as that would have been rude and contented ourselves with a couple of zoomed shots of the action.

We walked through a park which was a welcome change to the fake 'outside' of the shopping centre. 

After a little walk we found the Gundam and took lots of photos, it wasn't as big as I had expected but was still pretty damn cool.

We went inside to the huge food court and had some Dinner (Dad had chicken, chips and beer and I had Ramen!).

They print a thank you in different languages on the seaweed, how cool is that?!

We came back out to take night photos of the Gundam. Once the sun goes down all the trees in the area light up, as well as the Gundam himself and the wheel! I don’t think my photos show off just how lovely it all looked but hopefully they do.

After taking lots of photos we started the journey home, a quick video chat with Mum and another convenience store snack and we were ready for bed.