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Day Five

Day 5 started with a test of my nihongo skills. Dad had bought some items a day or two before but they were the wrong thing (I don’t want to be too specific they were presents).

So took them back to the shop in Shinjuku to exchange them for something different…..and we were successful!

Fantastic language skills displayed by Michaela here. I came away with some 3DS covers and accessories that were for the correct models my friends owned rather than the incorrect ones I'd bagged before.

We also got to see a rather impressive (if somewhat phallic) bank.

 See, balls!

We celebrated by going to a little cafe for Ice cream latte’s, though the experience was ruined a little by all the smokers.

We decided to venture further on from the cafe and the places we had previously visited when in Shinjuku and found a large underground cafe & restaurant section near the station. (I say near, a lot of things are near the station because it's so big!) We found a nice little Japanese restaurant and had a huge meal. That  barely cost us 1000yen each. We both struggled to finish it even though it was super tasty.

This is the display outside the restaurant, more of the amazing wax food.

And here's the real stuff inside. It was really good. I enjoyed myself by watching some local workmen eating their meal sitting crosslegged on the benches whilst I fumbled pathetically with my chopsticks and spilled my tea over the whole table. There's nothing quite like living up to the clumsy gaijin stereotype to give you confidence in a new country :)

With too much food in us we wandered over to a department store, the bottom floor of which was a market (Though it seemed more like a western style market). We stopped for some smoothies before heading to the other side of the station.

It was here that the festival was taking place. Its actually a festival from Okinawa and had something to do with drums.

Just the one photo of a group before the off. All the other photos are of the back of crowds, sorry.

I had hoped it’d be similar to what I’ve seen in animes where there are lots of stalls with games to play and things to eat. But this seemed to just be a come look at us perform festival, which would have been fine had the sun not been blazing down on us and the whole thing taken place outside.

We walked around the new to us part of Shinjuku while listening to the drums, had a quick visit to an arcade (where I won nothing of course) and then got a taxi back.

An air conditioned taxi thank goodness.

The big clock. this is in Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast!

Not my video, got this on YouTube, the clock's right at the start.

A giant crab on the side of a building. Why not.

After a break at the hotel we then headed back out to Shibuya in search of dinner. I had hoped to go to Coco Curry as I’ve heard its very good, but they, like many other Japanese restaurants only had little fixed stalls and bars to eat at. Which just isn’t comfortable for Dad and I. We ended up at burger king (which was actually pretty damn good) and then had another look round book off before heading home again.

Day 5 was more of a rest day for us, which was much needed for Day 6…...