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Day Ten

Day 10 was another late start with both of us feeling incredibly tired from the trip. We started the day in Shinjuku once again in the familiar backstreets near our hotel.

Alfred Hitchcock sitting over a doorway with a sign hanging off his foot. Of course, why not.

We revisited a hobby shop (Yellow Submarine) we had previously been to on our first day. It had just been a card shop and wasn’t really what Dad was looking for. However a quick google the night before had told us that actually the other two floors was exactly what Dad wanted. He found a Japanese card game (A translating project for me when I get back) and a few dice too.

The card game is about cats (I think) catching fish. That's as far as we got with the translation. There were lots of Japanese RPGs that looked interesting but they were in Japanese :(

We also went back to a large game shop, the same one we had to return items to previously, where I once again spent money on anime merch (swimming anime woooo) and then we had a late lunch at a lovely cafe.

We ate spaghetti and drank iced peach tea while watching the street below hoping for someone to use the car park so we could see the spinny thing in action. (Someone did go into the car park but you only use the spinny thing when you leave OnO).

We were quite tired by this time and I think it shows. The cafe was very pleasant and the food was very good. I could have happily spent most of a day here just watching the street below.

After a quick break back at base we decided to venture out again, this time somewhere new! We went to Harujuku via taxi to avoid the rush hour on the train.

Honestly it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, there wasn’t nearly enough wacky fashion but it was still interesting to look in all the windows. When we broke away from the main streets and walked around the side street from all the photos it was a lot more what I expected. We stopped at the 100yen store for more cheap goodies and then had dinner.

Dad had an interesting pudding that we're not 100% sure on the contents and I finally had some of that huge toast with ice cream on it. 10/10 would recommend, it was super tasty!

We watched a Japanese girl trying to eat pizza with chopsticks in this cafe. My language skills weren't up to helping her out so we just watched and suffered through her ordeal with her in silence.

We had a better look down the street before heading off back to the hotel.

More wonderful poles and wires. If only I could get this sort of thing on a gaming table without it getting in the way of play. Something I'm working on.

I came home with a Cat shaped bag, a large t-shirt dress thing (though its just a tshirt on me sobs) with a cat pattern on it and the best bargain of the trip a lucky bag!

There was a store that had just opened and as a special promotion they were selling lucky bags for 1,000yen (about £6) that had 7-8,000yen’s worth of goodies in it.

Michaela escaping with her swag.

This whole area had an air of being a little risque and dangerous, 'a little bit street' as the youth say (they don't really say that at all but you know what I mean) but, when you looked closely, it was all a front. The shops all have metal shutters and all the shutters have graffiti on them. Clearly young tearaways rule this area and signify their ownership with their tags. Except, all the graffiti is identical and identically placed and artistically laid out. none of it obscures older paint, it's all clean and visible. It's been done professionally and each shutter is identical. Brilliant concept, executed with aplomb, typically Japanese.

What? No, of course I don't have any photos. Go and look for yourself. Sorry, an oversight on my part. I was sure I took some but I can't find them.

Here's a mural from the end of a side street.

There was only two items in the bag I didn’t really like but the rest was great especially these weird ‘soft & moist’ shorts that Dad was sure they wouldn’t fit me (they didn’t even look like they’d fit our cat let alone me) but they were actually super stretchy and do.

Here's Pen posing with the lucky bag. He's probably scheming.

What's this? A refreshing drink?

"OK, I'll try it and see, thanks Pen"...

It was bubble bath, I was too busy laughing for more photos :D

We ended the day with a combini snack and began the giant task that was packing…