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Day One

Michaela kept a daily blog so most of the text is from her, my additions are in blue - Matakishi.

So day 1 didn't start off too great, I had had basically no sleep the night before and needed to be awake to say goodbye to my mum before she went to work. Thankfully once I did I managed to get a few hours sleep but I was feeling pretty crap. Especially as the stress from the day before was still pissing me off.

Anyway I finished packing and Dad came home and we both eagerly waited for the taxi while watching dull daytime telly.

The trip to the airport went really smoothly, our taxi driver knew all the tricks to miss traffic and we were outside of Heathrow T2 within 30mins of leaving home. Terminal 2 has just been redone and only reopened a month ago. It's lovely and really nicely laid out.

We were actually too early for baggage drop and had to wait a bit but were both in high spirits so we didn't care. We got through security very quickly and went to go eat in the appropriately named Eat. The next two hours were spent waiting and generally being too early for all the next steps.

Finally at 19:05 we were able to board the plane.

We've currently been flying for 5hr 26mins and I haven't slept a wink. The man in front of me insists on having his window cover open lighting up the whole area. My eye mask isn't helping at all either. So right now I'm pretty pissed off.
I did enjoy Day 2 of the surprise wa arimasen concert on my laptop earlier though before I decided to try and sleep.

The dinner was also really great! Super tasty and good quality and the staff are lovely too. I just want to murder the man in front of me with my eye mask.
Anyway only 5hrs 39mins until we reach our destination and writing this has at least wasted 15mins.

The time Is almost 2am I have 5hrs10mins until we reach our destination and I have still not slept. I hate this seat so much. I have a stupid fucking arm rest that I can't move and it's digging into my thigh and is actually a little painful. If I could just move it up I'd be 100000X more comfortable. I've also just lost my blanket as it fell onto the man behind me. And I gave dad my pillow earlier so now I have nothing to try and use as a pillow.

 I'm so tired and so close to crying right now tbh. I know this trip will be worth it but right now I just want to be back in my bed. Also the dickhead still has his window cover open.


Okay it's now 9am Japan time (1am to me) and I am feeling much better. I didn't sleep at all on the plane and it really was super uncomfortable but the staff were lovely, the food was amazing (no really it was!) And the landing was so smooth you could barely tell we had landed.

For my part the flight was interesting enough but a little uncomfortable. I'm too fat for plane seats. Getting off the plane at Tokyo the heat hit us like a wall. I have never been so hot.

Customs and the entry bit went all well and I was able to buy our Suica cards and bus tickets to the hotel no problem.

We were planning on taking the monorail to the station near our hotel and then walking the final part, there's a dedicated tunnel that takes us right there. However, we were tired and the luggage was heavy so we chose to use the airport limo bus service instead.

This was my first time with formal Japanese culture. The staff at the bus stop loaded our luggage and then boarded the bus to thank us for using it with a short speech and a formal bow. As the bus pulled away all the staff lined the pavement and bowed formerly again.

An hour and a half later we were at the hotel. The room is small but has got all we need in it and the beds are comfy. Dad didn't sleep too well I heard him wake at 4 but thankfully because I didn't sleep on the plane (or the night before) I am well rested and already adjusted to Japan time. We ended up having dinner from a convenience store but it did the job.

Japanese toilets are amazing. I love Japanese toilets.

The SKE+sweets thing I got was amazing! Not sure what we'll be doing today but I'm feeling a lot happier now that we're here. Just gotta wait for Dad to get up.

Dinner from the 24hr shop in our hotel.

Japanese pillows are also amazingly good. The top pillow is standard stuff but there is a bottom supporting pillow filled with plastic tubes like macaroni which keeps it firm but still has a decent amount of 'give'.