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Killer Plants from Space

There are many different Killer Plants around in literature and film. The most famous are the Triffids, invented by John Wyndham. I have taken aspects of these and put them together with another personal favourite, the pods from the Bodysnatchers to make a vicious and I hope, interesting to play, faction for Alien Invasion.


No Tryffids begin a game on the board.
The Tryffid player can place a plant group as an action. It can either be placed in any area of vegetation and attack as the same action or be placed anywhere as a separate action to an attack.

Trifids attack range is a move (8Ē) they do 2D6 damage with poison, either squirted or whipped on a tendril.

As an action a Triffid group may gather the bodies of their victims and digest them. Digested bodies may be grown again as Pod People, this is a separate action.

The Trifid player may recycle dead Triffids as new groups, only losing if there are no live Triffids or Pod People on the board at any time.

Trifids must be placed in threes. If there are less than three Triffids available a new group cannot be placed as an action.

Triffids do not move (they move very slowly which is no good in game terms) A group may be removed from play as an action so it can be replaced later somewhere else. A double move would enable a removal and a placement (and an attack if placed in vegetation)

Tryffids are killed by fire, it takes 12 points to kill a Triffid regardless of their terrain.

Triffids win if they create two pod people from each other faction. These donít have to be alive at the same time.

Pod people are like zombies and attack in close combat for 1D6, they are killed like humans, Open- 6. Cover- 9, Buildings- 12
They may combine into groups of any size.
Pod People may not be targeted by a group from the faction they resemble until they have attacked that particular group.
Pod People may take bodies to Tryffids to make more pod people. This is not automatic, the bodies need to be carried. Placing a Tryffid group next to the carrying group will, of course, speed this up.
Use the original casualties for Pod People and add a Ďpodí marker to the group, a piece of plastic vegetation works well as a marker, or lichen if you prefer.

The two pictures on this page are of greens (appropriately enough) from W.S.D. Miniatures. These nasty plants will make excellent Tryffids as soon as they're available.

Tryffid Action Cards

Tryffids receive a standard mix of 5 Single Actions, 3 Double Actions and a single Triple Action.
Click on the sample card below to download a pdf of a full set including a MIB research card for this faction.

The Cyclopians

They've got their eye on our Women!

The Cyclopians are a mysterious race from a far distant world. Each group of Cyclopians are in fact a single creature with multiple bodies. Long ago, all female Cyclopians seemed to decide that the males were too hideous to have sex with and refused.

Since then the virtually immortal and very frustrated male Cyclopians have been searching the galaxy for suitable partners.

Sometime around 1955 a male Cyclopian reached Earth and found out how wonderful the females of this planet are. Since then planet Earth has been like a magnet, attracting rogue male Cyclopians from all over. Luckily for us, there are great distances involved and so Cyclopian visits have been comparatively rare.

Cyclopians are only interested in mating. They will mate with anything to see if itís compatible. They get very angry and frustrated when they find that something isnít compatible and tend to lash out; well, wouldnít you?

Cyclopians only attack in close combat, most of the initial damage is caused by the abortive mating attempt and subsequent attacks are due to anger and frustration. Falling to the first attack of a Cyclopian is not a pleasant way to go.

Cyclopians inflict 4D6 damage in close combat. They get to attack once for every action they spend, the same as if they were locked in close combat and shooting before the combat is resolved. When a Double or Triple Action card is drawn and the close combat is resolved they will get their usual 4D6 close combat attack as normal.

The lifeforce of the Cyclopians resides in only one of the bodies, the rest act as automatons. Only the body containing the lifeforce is susceptible to damage, all the other bodies just regenerate. The lifeforce body regenerates too but the shock of taking the damage is what kills the Cyclopian.  As the body containing the lifeforce is killed the Cyclopian will transfer its consciousness to one of the other bodies and this will, in turn, become vulnerable.
This means that the Cyclopians need to be killed in the right order to actually get rid of them.

It takes 20 points of damage to kill a Cyclopian with the lifeforce in it regardless of cover bonuses.

Before the game starts the Cyclopian player will arrange his Body Cards in any order he likes and this will be the path that the Cyclopian lifeforce takes through the bodies as the game progresses. No other player may look at these cards during play.

A Cyclopian will start the game with three bodies plus one for each other faction. So, in a four player game the Cyclopian player would start with six Cyclopians.
Cyclopians operate as single figures and may not combine into larger groups.

The Cyclopians win if they manage to mate with one female for each body they began the game with. The total number of matings is what counts, not which body does them and any female will do, human, livestock, alien whatever. Mating is an action.

Unfortunately the act of mating with a Cyclopian is fatal to most other creatures who suffer the 4D6 damage. If the subject survives the Cyclopian can try and mate with it again, easy points! The Cyclopians are after sex, and lots of it.

Every time a Cyclopian successfully mates the Cyclopian player should make a note or get a token or something to keep score. Writing the names of the victims in a little black book is an acceptable way of keeping score.

The Cyclopians were inspired by yet another wonderful model from the Wargames Supply Dump.

Cyclopian Action Cards

Cyclopians receive a standard mix of 5 Single Actions, 3 Double Actions and a single Triple Action.
Click on the sample card below to download a pdf of a full set including six 'Body' cards and a MIB research card for this faction.

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