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Shadow Man – The Walker between the Worlds, the Lord of Deadside.

Mike LeRoi, a man with a valuable lesson for all of us -- don't mess with black voodoo. After getting protective help from a Bokor (a voodoo priest), Mike quickly found out that the price for a priest's services was eternal service. Mike was "freed" by a dying voodoo priestess who planted the Mask of Shadows in his chest, and cast him as her personal warrior. Now the voodoo priestess has had a premonition about the end of the world, and it's up to Mike to put a stop to it. Mike must travel to the Asylum, where all killers go when they die, and make things right. Find Legion, the master of Asylum, and his band of serial killers loose in the real world before the prophecy of Armageddon comes true.

Nettie – 400 year old Voodoo Priestess.

Less familiarly known as Agnetta, Nettie is a 400-year-old voodoo priestess who controls Shadowman, though somewhat tenuously. Nettie maintains her youth and beauty through sexual relations with Mike LeRoi. Nettie’s voodoo power is less than the Lord of Deadside’s, and she is unable to travel to Deadside to assist him there, but her experience with things arcane make her a valuable mentor and helper in Liveside.

Rules for using Mike LeRoi/Shadowman in Alien Invasion.

Mike LeRoi operates as an individual.

Because of his superhuman agility Mike LeRoi can move a standard move in any direction including across any gaps and up vertical surfaces so long as there is some form of platform for him to stop on at the end of the move.

He does 2D6 damage in both ranged and close combat and it takes the following damage to kill him: Open 9, Cover 12, Buildings 15.

Mike LeRoi and Shadowman both have the linked fire ability.

When he dies Mike LeRoi travels to Deadside where he becomes the Shadowman, the Lord of Deadside. Whilst in Deadside Shadowman cannot really be harmed. 30 points of damage will destroy his body but he will reappear anywhere within 8 inches of where he was killed as his next action, the actual location is up to the controlling player.
In Deadside Shadowman does 3D6 ranged and close combat damage.

If Mike LeRoi is forced into Deadside he may return to Liveside (our world) as an action. He will reappear anywhere the controlling player wishes along a randomly chosen table edge.

Shadowman’s action card deck is made up of the following:
5 x Single Action and 3 x Triple Action cards.
As a Special Event Mike LeRoi/Shadowman may receive a piece of special equipment from the following list:

Deadside weapons

This is a Voodoo rattle that shoots fire and increases Shadowman’s damage to 4D6.

This is a close combat weapon. It increases Shadowman’s damage to 4D6 and allows him to strike first (his damage is resolved before his opponents get their turn) in Hand-to-hand combat.

This is a fearsome weapon that increases Shadowman’s damage to 6D6.

These aren’t actual weapons, they are voodoo tattoos that make Shadowman immune to fire.

As multiple weapons are found their effects are cumulative with the best damage taking precedence. For example, having the Violator and the Baton would allow Shadowman to do 6D6 damage and strike first in close combat.

Mike LeRoi doesn’t have to be in Deadside to claim the weapons, the player randomly chooses from the remaining weapon cards so that what he gets is left to chance.

Each weapon increases Mike LeRoi’s Liveside damage by a cumulative 1D6 except the Gads which add to his toughness so that it now takes the following damage to kill him:
Open 12, Cover 15, Buildings 18.


Nettie must be placed anywhere on the playing area by the Shadowman player at the beginning of the game. Nettie doesn’t move or take any actions during the game but if she is killed Mike LeRoi will lose the ability to return to Liveside from Deadside.
If there is no Deadside part to the current game, the next time Mike is killed he is permanently dead.

It takes 12 points of damage to kill Nettie regardless of any cover.

Shadowman Action Cards

Click on the sample card below to download a pdf containing a full set of Shadowman Action Cards including cards for all the weapon upgrades.