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A brief overview of my journey to GLAM 2010 with pictures and an incomplete commentary.
I have used Lead Adventure Forum names and real names interchangeably depending on my mood and knowledge; names aren't my strong point. please feel free to add any corrections and observations in the comment box at the end and I will endeavour to correct any mistakes and update information in due course.

Friday 14th of May 2010 dawned bright and early for me at 04:00 as my alarm dragged me from my bed after only a couple of hours' sleep so that I would be ready in time for Nick (Malamute) to pick me up at 05:00. He arrived bang on time and we headed off towards our rendezvous with Richard (Captain Blood) who was going to take us to Gatwick for our flight to Germany and the long-awaited GLAM 2010.

Captain Blood shows a fraction of his vast estates to Malamute.

Thanks to the good Captain's wife (Mrs. Blood?) we all arrived safely at Gatwick where Paul (Overlord) and Dylan (Plynkes) met us according to plan and we were soon whisked into the sky courtesy of Easyjet.

A parting view of Blighty.

The first glimpse of Germany below the clouds.

We were met at Hamburg airport by Tobi (Green Knight) and Dirk (NurgleHH) who had already met Peder (Hammers) from his flight and we were soon blasting down the autobarn towards Kiel, our home for the coming weekend.

Malamute, Grimm and Driscoles in front of Driscoles' house in Kiel.

We spent a little time exchanging pleasantries with our hosts at Bjorn's (Driscoles) house and Grimm showed us his new tattoos.

After this it was back into the cars and off to our first venue.
Deep inside the local woods, well off the beaten track, nestled at the end of a rugged dirt path was a wonderful building that oozed Germanic charm and character. it was like something from a Brothers Grimm tale.

Inside there was a roaring wood-burning heater, a kitchen  stocked with cheap, plentiful beer and a large games room. Everything a visiting gamer could wish for in fact.

Jens of Pardulon (Zafferelli) sets up his game whilst Tobi, Doomhippie and Vikotnik (amongst others) work similar magic in the background.

We all played games and chatted until, at around 15:00, Vikotnik's mother arrived with the world's best home-made Kartoffelsalad and we broke off to stuff ourselves. then it was more games and chatting until the butcher turned up at 19:00 with the roast pig. More stuffing of faces and drinking of beer followed.
The games resumed until around 22:00 when we all staggered out into the deep, dark woods to make our way home for the night.

The roast pig.

Grimm's .45 Adventure Cuthulhu game.

I was destined to spend my weekend at the apartment of Volker (here on the right next to Christian) and his wife in Kiel. I had a great time in their company and enjoyed a comfortable room, fantastic food and good conversation. When I finally left them on the Sunday, as well as being completely full of a huge German breakfast, I was also staggering under the weight of a copy of Tigris and Euphrates that Volker had given me.

Day two saw us all ferried to a local hotel where our ever-efficient German hosts and some enterprising Danes were already setting up the day's games. A full day of gaming and beer drinking was to follow.

The Danish VSF game.

The painting table.

Towards evening there was an award ceremony where everyone received their GLAM 2010 trophy, a hand inscribed (by Vikotnik) beer stein, what could be more fitting?

After this it was upstairs to the dining room for the evening meal and more socialising and beer.

Hammers shows us how to drink wine properly.

Day three began early with frantic checking of websites, the dreaded ash cloud was threatening to close down air travel over England. To take our mind s off it we were taken to the coast of the Baltic to play around in a U boat.

The U boat was on display next to the German Naval Memorial which we also visited, a solemn place indeed but very interesting. We all trooped up to the top of the tower to brave the wind and admire the view and looked at the ship models in the historical room.

The Laboe Naval Memorial.

After all that excitement we travelled further along the coast to enjoy a lunch of freshly cooked fish and seafood (and Currywurst) by the beach.

At last it was time to head back and we got to spent a tense couple of hours in Hamburg airport waiting to see if we had a flight home.

luckily Tobi and Grimm waited with us and we found some more beer to help pass the time.

We made it on to the last flight out and touched down at Gatwick tired but relieved. The end of a wonderful and unforgettable weekend spent in the good company of our friends from the LAF.

All the games, all the people...