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French Resistance forces for Crossfire

Local Resistance forces can add much needed firepower to a small Commando raiding force. However they shouldn't be relied upon for infantry duty and are more suited to ambushes and hit and run attacks.

Resistance forces are organised into squads but have no platoon or company structure like regular troops. Groups of Resistance squads may shoot together by designating one squad as a Fire Group Leader with any other squads within a base width able to combine fire with it. They may not carry out crossfires. They may employ booby traps (see the Home Guard page)

Basic stands of Resistance fighters have three shooting dice. They may use Machine Gun stands which get the normal four dice.

Resistance squads may make a group move the same as any other units. All Resistance forces are classed as 'Green'

Resistance squads use my Insurgents rule to distinguish them from regular troops. They do not kill suppressed regular troops with a second suppression result as would normally happen, they require three actual hits to kill a stand of regular enemy troops.

The Resistance Leader acts as a +1PC for morale only.

The first time a building is entered by a squad or leader from either side roll on the table below to see if any Resistance forces are occupying it. Buildings forming part of a German installation or base should not be rolled for of course, neither should buildings occupied by troops at the beginning of a scenario.

Dice roll (D6)
British Airmen
German Player captures immediately and gains 3VP.
Allied Player must use a squad or leader to escort them to a friendly area, usually the Allied starting position, to claim 5VP.
May only be found once, afterwards treat as an 'empty' result.
1 Resistance squad found if Resistance leader is present with Allied searchers
2 Resistance squads found if Resistance leader is present with Allied searchers
1 Resistance squad
Immediately ambushes Germans.
Joins with Allied forces.
2 Resistance squads
Immediately ambush Germans.
Join with Allied forces.
Resistance leader and 2 squads
Immediately ambush Germans.
Join with Allied forces. The Resistance leader will only be found once; after he has entered play a roll of 6 will generate 2 squads only.

Once the scenario limit has been reached for Resistance forces then no further rolls are made. This means that the Airmen or Resistance leader may not be located. Also, once all the available buildings have been checked once, no further rolls are made so the above may hold true again.

The figures

These are the Bolt Action Miniatures Resistance figures.

These are the Foundry ones.

Here's a comparison shot along with the downed British airmen from Black Tree Design and the Resistance Leader from Rattrap Productions.

Morse Code Decoder

The diagram below allows you to decode Morse as you hear it (providing it's coming in slowly though). Endless possibilities for gaming use if you want to restrict communication between players. Eminently suitable for games involving the Resistance.
If you hear a dot you move left, if you hear a dash you move right until you reach a letter or the message ends.

Click on the small image for a larger, clearer one.