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Doctor Who and the Daleks

This is a report of out first game using my Doctor Who rules. This game was a test session to finalise the design, see if everything worked and tweak special events etc. I intend to use this game as my participation game at the Eastbourne Show this Summer. The finished convention game will have more alien races and be set in my city. I decided to run this playtest in a rural English setting for true Doctor Who and U.N.I.T. flavour.

Here is the set up which uses most of a 6'x4' table. The buildings are my own scratch built ones, the roads, fields and hedges are from S&A Scenics, there's a Last Valley orchard and trees and finally, some fences made by other people and bought on E-bay.
The scenario for this game is that a mysterious stone floating head has landed in a small English town. Hot on the heels of this head are Davros and his Daleks; obviously the head is important to them. The Daleks have killed every inhabitant of the town and left the buildings in ruins.

Several Daleks are stationed by the head, waiting for Davros to arrive. The Brigadier and his U.N.I.T. troops rush to the scene whilst, at the same time, the Doctor's TARDIS appears on the outskirts of town. The Doctor has been pursuing the evil Daleks across time and space to stop them getting the secrets of the stone head.

Davros arrives and begins to investigate the head, finding some hidden controls he manages to start the machinery within it. Whilst he is engrossed in his work the first squad of U.N.I.T. troops silently take up position in a ruined building overlooking the square and await the arrival of their armoured support. The U.N.I.T. Scorpion tank rumbles up the road towards the alien invaders.
Knowing he mustn't allow Davros to take control of the head, the Doctor waits for his chance to act.

The white Imperial Daleks head towards the approaching tank screaming their frantic cries of 'Exterminate! Exterminate!'

Before it can react the tank is bathed in the sickly glow of the Dalek weapons and destroyed.

U.N.I.T. mortar shells rain down on the square disabling one of the Daleks guarding Davros and under cover of the noise and confusion a second U.N.I.T. squad moves into the cover of some demolished houses.
The Doctor, realising that Davros has nearly succeded in gaining control of the head, has no other choice but to rush forward in a last ditch attempt to stop him.
He begins to manipulate some controls on the front of the head and weakens Davros' hold on the mysterious artifact.
Behind the Doctor the screams of men and the sound of exploding LAWS rockets tells him that the
first U.N.I.T. squad is putting up a strong resistance to the Imperial Daleks that are pursuing him. The men are buying him valuable time with their lives.

Out of the smoking ruin of the building emerges a single Dalek survivor which heads directly towards the Doctor and opens fire. The Doctor franticly races for the cover of a nearby building whilst the U.N.I.T. troops in it give him covering fire.
Alas, he isn't quick enough. He is cut down as he reaches the doorway, inches from safety.

U.N.I.T.'s retalliation is swift and decisive. Another salvo of mortars fall in the square. The last Imperial Dalek and Davros with his Dalek guards are transformed into smoking piles of scrap metal.
Earth's defenders give a sigh of relief and a ragged cheer is raised from dry throats.
The cheer is halted abruptly as more Daleks emerge from the thinning smoke. They are met with a fusilade of bullets and explosives however that reduces them to burning husks.

The Brigadier arrives and sets up his headquarters in a building that controls the North side of the town. A U.N.I.T. support squad armed with heavy machine guns takes up position next to him. More Daleks are on the way.

The last three Daleks appear much quicker than was expected and launch a surprise attack on the U.N.I.T. HQ. Their first salvo kills everyone in the building except the Brigadier and Sgt. Benton. Their second kills them as well and the Daleks move on to their nexr target.
However, as they come into sight of the
U.N.I.T. support squad they are met with a hail of lead that destroys them and finally ends this particular Dalek invasion.
Earth is safe again, but at what cost?
The enigmatic stone head looks on impassively.

A word of Explanation

Technically the Daleks scored a total victory by killing the Doctor early on. They were about to win anyway as Davros nearly had control of the head. The only way for U.N.I.T. to stop him was for the Doctor to use his Timelord ability which lets him hold an activation card in reserve and interrupt an opponent's go with it.
The Doctor had three actions; he used one to reach the head and two to wrest control from Davros. Control of the head was decided by a sliding scale. Each action used by Davros to work on the head moved the slider D6 places towards his end of the scale. Each action used to control the head by the Doctor moved it D6 places back towards his end. Because the Doctor needed to use two actions for controlling attempts to prevent a certain Dalek victory he didn't have any actions left to get to safety and was relying on his 'RUN!' ability to save him from the pursuing Daleks.
When the Doctor or his companions are targeted they are allowed to pick a direction and 'RUN!'. The player controling the Doctor rolls a D6 and adds the relevant modifier. The Doctor gets +4, most female companions get -1 for example. The Doctor headed for a building doorway six inches away, once inside the building he would be in with a
U.N.I.T. squad and they would be taken off as casualties before him.
Unfortunately he rolled a one and didn't get to the door.
However, because this was a play-test game, we continued.
U.N.I.T. had a run of actions and their forward observers directed accurate mortar fire onto the Daleks killing all of them including Davros. This used up all the fire missions for the game but  achieved a major U.N.I.T. victory so was worth it.
There was still the problem of the head. The Doctor would regenerate on a Joker so  the
U.N.I.T. players decided to dig in and wait.  There were Daleks left so we continued again.
The Daleks were blessed with multiple actions this time and got the drop on the Brigadier.
Killing the HQ radioman removes
U.N.I.T. mortar support and airstrikes. Killing the Brigadier removes the U.N.I.T. combined fire ability and makes it very difficult for them to destroy a Dalek with a single squad.
It was all too late though, the support squad is more than a match for a dalek squad and proved this very quickly.
The final outcome was a
U.N.I.T. victory, but it was a Pyrric one to say the least.

Photo taken by Karl, one of the U.N.I.T. players, on his phone. I think the Daleks look particularly menacing in this shot.

I'd like to thank Colin, Giro, Karl, Kevin and Mark who were my  players for this, their input was invaluable.

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