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by Dave Bezio

Time to build Davestown!

Well what is a western town without any buildings!? The time has come to build Davestown, and I looked around a lot. First I checked out Model Train buildings, but the scales were just wrong (either a bit too big, or a bit to small), and even if they were right they are just too darn expensive to be practical. Then I looked at Whitewash city, which certainly looks like a good option…then, quite by accident, I found this single page… (edit: this site is no longer active)

…On it I found a bunch of 28mm western building templates FOR FREE!

Since going cheep is my main goal, and I do plan on scratch building some real buildings when I have more time, I decided to take advantage of these templates and downloaded them all. To be honest, I think they might be just a bit small for 28mm, but just about right for 25mm…but they should definitely be serviceable till I can build my own.

Once again the first thing I have to do is assemble my equipment. For this project I purchased a sheet of foamboard from the local $1 store (for $1, duh!), and some hobby sticks ($2.50) and rubber cement ($2) from Wal-Mart.

I printed up the templates; rubber cemented them to the foamboard, and cut them out carefully using a metal ruler.

Once this was done, I glued them together with Elmer’s glue and let it dry. Notice that I had to cut the side walls a bit shorter to account for the overlap of the template. This won’t be a problem if you use thin cardboard instead of foamboard. I just wanted my buildings to be a bit sturdier.

Finally I paint all the exposed white foam, glued on the roofs (I glued them to a thinner cardstock, in this case an old shipping envelope) build the porch, and line the top with the hobby sticks to give it that old west look (note: the sticks have not been added to the top yet on the picture). The whole process took about 30 minutes.

Looking at the size of my table I think 6 building should about fill it up, so I picked the coolest looking ones to build. A few hours later I have a entire old west city, serviceable till I can take the time to build some cooler ones.

Cost for this step: $5.50
Total Cost so far: $43.50

The Table so far…

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Davestown pdf

Davestown is available as a 2.5Mb pdf.