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Trees and Rocks

The landscape looks pretty boring so far, so I need to spice it up, by making some trees and rocks. This will make it look a lot cooler, plus it will make the battlefield more interesting and provide cover and obstacles.

First I’m going to make some trees. I want them to look old, dry, and dead, like a lot of the stuff in the southwest (I spent 4 years in El Paso TX, and 1 in Roswell NM). I’m avoiding the typical cactuses that most people seem to like using in old west mini games because…well, to be honest I never saw any of those when I was out there. I hear they are mainly in Arizona.

To make the trees I grabbed a bad of plastic trees I got out of a $1 bag of dinosaurs a few years back. (Let me take a moment to tell the newbie something very important…The $1 store is your friend!!! Frequently walk through there; you never know what you’ll find that you can use to build terrain on the cheap!) I simply cut off the plastic leaf things from the top.

I mounted the trees (with trusty Elmer’s glue) on some wooden bases I picked up at a hobby store (hobbies like your moms, not ours), a bag of 6 wooden circles for $3, and glued on some stones from the garden (real stones are great…and free, just make sure you paint them or they look like, well, stones), primed the whole thing, painted it using grays and drybrushing techniques, and flocked the base.

To make them look much cooler and more realistic I added some bits of field grass ($4 from the model train shop) and some Reindeer moss ($5 from your grandmas hobby store…don’t get this from a train shop as it costs twice as much there.)

Next I thought some rock outcroppings would be cool. Once again I used stones, but since I wanted a big stone on each, I carved the appropriate shape out of some scrap Styrofoam. Painting, flocking, and spicing up as above I have some more obstacles for the battle field.

Total cost for this step $13
Total Cost so far: $38

The table so far:

Next: Building Davestown.

Davestown pdf

Davestown is available as a 2.5Mb pdf.