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I ran my game twice at this year's BLAM and it was an entertaining but exhausting experience. The layout pretty much resembled the map I made when planning the game although the areas ended up in a 3x3 grid which made the farm easier to access and allowed the Hillbillies greater freedom of movement, but, then again, it is their back yard.

Click on the photo below for a much larger version.

The first game was played by wargamers who resolutely kept trading their tokens in for more troops. This made the game longer than I anticipated so I changed the ending criteria to one player exploring everywhere rather than all players.

Colin (in red) was the eventual winner.

The second game had a greater number of boardgame players and the tokens were hoarded.

Eventually the game ended with the last chicken being claimed and Karl (in the Smurf shirt) won with 13 points.

It was close though, only 4 points separated all the players.

The only last minute rules change other than the ending condition was that any Conflict card drawn by an Alien Stowaway Boss that matched its opponent meant another base of troops was eaten before the conflict was resolved. This will be added to the rules before I publish them.