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BLAM 2010

BLAM was held at the Alexander Pope hotel in Twikenham over the weekend of the 15th, 16th and 17th of October this year. As usual it was a fantastic event with some new faces but, sadly, some missing friends from previous years who couldn't make it.


I arrived late on the Friday because I had to work so I only had time to take a few snap shots of the games that had been played before it was time to head off for the Indian restaurant. The main focus for me was the impressive zeppelin made by gamer Mac and his brother Andym, there's a WIP thread on the Lead Adventure Forum here.

The level of detail on this model is breath taking for a gaming piece.

Mrs Matakishi later declared that this was the best submarine with dolls she'd ever seen.

click on this next pic for a large shot of a portion of the zeppelin interior.

Overlord (3rd from left) was running his Lost World Safari game that I first saw at Colours this year. Grimm, Dewbakuk and Thorbjørn Nielsen look like they were enjoying themselves.

I just love this centre piece.

I also missed a chance to play in Malamute's game featuring his wonderful scratch built terrain and his own range of Boot Hill Miniatures. His town has grown considerably since last year.

Bullshot and Malamute can be seen here discussing the benefits of being a miniatures moghul.

Stunning work and the limited colour palette ties it all together so well.

After a swift pint at the bar we all adjourned to a local Indian restaurant for a slap up feast. Grimm had his first taste of curry (unbelievable, I know) and declared himself converted.

I had a rather nice prawn cocktail to start.

Bullshot topped my prawn cocktail with a...curry thing

I countered with beer.

What's your favourite curry? Mine's a chicken tarka masala, it's like a chicken tikka masala but a little bit otter. Ba-dum chish... 

And everyone had a jolly good meal. Here's a bad pic of Zac, Thunderchicken and Mrs Zac to illustrate the general feel.

Then to bed to prepare for the big day on Saturday.


Saturday was the main event. I arrived early and set up my Afghanistan game with the help of James and Karl.

We ran a total of seven games over the course of the day. Some were quite short especially when  Thorbjørn Nielsen (an experienced Crossfire player) faced off against Overlord (a novice).

But others were quite lengthy affairs that resulted in a couple of British victories, one to James who knows what he's doing and one to Zac who was a novice but got the hang of the mechanics very quickly.

Zac's opponents were Revford's Taliban and his friend's locals (I'm sorry, I should know his name, someone will supply it very soon I'm sure. I'm so crap with names it's embarrassing). Both these gentlemen played with panache and stayed wonderfully in character for the whole game.

Here are their plucky fighters defending the bridge towards the end of the game.

Here are the British over running them under cover of smoke from the company mortar. The Brits went on to capture all but one of the compounds and win convincingly as the Afghans surrendered or fled.

While I was busy with my game I of course missed out on the others that were running. Sadly this means I don't have many pics of them either.

However, here's what I did manage to snap.

This was a Triumph and Tragedy game involving the usual mix of troops and vehicles that these rules encourage. Between the wars fun for the whole family. I like these rules having played in Grimm's game at GLAM this year, you should get a copy if you don't have one already.

Captain Blood ran his great looking Zulu game. There's a thread on how he built the board here. I had a lot of trouble getting any pics of this game as there was always a big crowd surrounding it but here are shots of the village and the ravine.

Saturday evening is the traditional Chinese banquet. I was eating quite a bit so I didn't take many photos, here's Mrs Matakishi, Karl and Whiskyrat waiting to tuck in.


I didn't run anything on Sunday so I managed to get a four hour stint in at the Zombies invade Emmerdale game put on by Revford and his pals.

We each had a group of figures and a vehicle to start and had to collect two lots of supplies from the board and exit to win. Unfortunately there were four players and only five supply counters. Initiative was controlled by a natty set of Chinese Chairman Mao playing cards.

I was pitted against Overlord, Grimm and Thorbjørn Nielsen, all merciless and ruthless players. Luckily they set about each other and left me alone.

My faction was the Golden Shower, inept occultists.

Everytime anyone made a noise a dice was placed in a pot and then all these dice were rolled at the start of the zombie turn. Any that came up four or higher generated anew zombie on the board.

Consequently the Golden Shower wore slippers and did their best to creep everywhere. 'Silence is Golden' was our watch word.

Overlord escaped with his loot first but I made it off second so I count that as a win As you can see the board fills up quite quick.

Captain Blood ran his War of the Roses skirmish whilst I was busy hiding from zombies.

Wonderful terrain and figures as we've come to expect from the Captain.

Silent Invader made his debut with an enjoyable little French and Indian War skirmish. It was great to see his table in the flesh at last.

The man himself.

There was, of course, the traditional multiplayer VSF game as well. Not wanting to be drawn in to such (potentially expensive) shennanigans I stayed well clear and just admired from a distance.

Well, that was BLAM 2010, roll on next year!