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All Things Zombie

I don’t know what made me start this project. There wasn’t a particular range of figures that inspired me, nor, at the beginning, a set of rules. One day though, everything just gelled and an All Things Zombie project was born.

The rules from Two Hour Wargames were certainly a factor, the idea of having a game where everyone was on the same side and the system controlled the zombies appealed to me. The real kick-start though, was the city buildings I wanted to make. Once they were completed I needed at least one game to use them with as a justification for their existence.

For a game of All Things Zombie you need three kinds of figures; survivor characters, zombies and ‘other people’. The ‘other people’ may or may not be friendly towards the characters, they may join the group or try to kill the characters and loot their remains.

For the humans in the game I went for an ‘armed civilian’ look. I wanted normal people with some weapons not SWAT teams or Army units. I started buying Bikers, ‘suits’ with guns and modern gangsta figures from Copplestone Castings and Em-4 Miniatures. Hasslefree Miniatures began to produce a range of modern zombie fighters and these were added to the mix. Several other odds and sods were collected from various manufacturers. The hunt for suitable figures is a lot of the fun in a project like this.

The zombies were surprisingly harder to find. There aren’t as many makers of modern zombies around as you might think although more seem to be springing up now.
Initially I ordered a large selection of packs from Cold War Miniatures but found I didn’t like them when they arrived. I managed to E-bay them for not much less than I paid for them so it wasn’t a complete disaster. I then ordered a bag of ZombieSmith zombies and a set of Fortress Figures zombies and hunters.

Both these orders were swallowed up by the postal service but were replaced by the companies without any fuss, excellent service from them, thanks guys!

A small set of Copplestone zombies and some Rage zombies from Westwind were my only undead for a while and they were far from being a horde.

The painting for figures like this is a much slower process than for a set of uniformed figures. With hindsight I should have been more careful in my purchasing and worked to a list. Oh well, too late now. At least I managed to work on them in groups. I’d paint a group of figures and then trawl E-bay for a suitable vehicle for them which was also immense fun. In the future I want to do a car wars style game out in the wasteland in 28mm so I may as well start preparing ahead of time and have my groups mobile from the start.

I finally managed to increase the zombie numbers with a couple of sets of Eureka zombies which are quick to paint. I would have had ten Westwind voodoo zombies and ten Fortress Figures zombies to add in as well but they were victims of an unfortunate varnishing accident and will have to be done again.

As it stands I have enough for a basic game but really need to put some more time in to fill out the sets and increase my options. I have a load of figures left to paint, all the bikers (there’s lots of them), all the modern Police (lots of them too) and many more zombies. I’ve just bought 30 civilian figures which will need painting too.

I will return to this project, hopefully in 2007, and spend another couple of months adding bits to it. After that it will sort of trickle along with figures and scenery being done as time permits. It’s really never ending, much like the zombie menace itself…..