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This is going to be a four player test of my Alien Invasion rules. I'm expecting interesting things so I've kept the scenario simple with lots of leeway to improvise winning strategies as the situation changes (I hope).

The Participants:


Player: Colin

Dalek Briefing
The Earth defences have disabled your ship as you were trying to obtain information about the secret research facility the humans call ‘Area 51’.
It is imperative that you repair your ship and leave in order to report the new human defensive capabilities.
Luckily for you, there is evidence of recent Spug activity in the area; cannibalising parts from their ship will enable you to repair your own.

Dalek Forces
3 teams of 3 Daleks each

Dalek Equipment
1 Crashed Saucer

Dalek Victory:
If one or more Daleks leave in their repaired ship the Daleks can claim a Complete victory.


Player: Giro

Spug briefing
You have been watching the humans manufacture their new weapons, they are utilising various captured alien technologies and are progressing rapidly. Your observation post has remained undetected and the intelligence you have gathered will be invaluable to the Hive.
Unfortunately, there are others who are not as skilled or as careful as you and a Dalek ship has been bought down right on top of you. It is time to collect your sensors and go before the Human agents turn up. No trace of your activities must be left for the Humans to discover.

Spug Forces
2 Attack Squads, each consisting of:
1 Burrower Worm
3 Hellmites
6 Warriors, 1 of which has a support weapon
1 Hellmite Controller
1 Leader

Spug Equipment
1 Hidden spacecraft
4 observation sensors
5 Spug Holes linking to underground tunnels

Spug Victory:
If the Spugs can collect their observation sensors and leave in their ship they can claim a Major Spug victory. IIf all the humans that saw them are dead as well they can claim a Complete Spug victory.


Player: Mark

UNIT briefing
The unmistakable signature of a Dalek ship has been spotted as it crashed to Earth in the Nevada desert. Take a quick response team and investigate. Keep Earth safe!

UNIT  Forces
1 Infantry Section comprising:
2 fire teams, each of 4 men

1 HQ Section comprising
The Brigadier
2 men
1 Dalek Retrieval Operative

1 Support Section:
1 GPMG  with crew of three

UNIT Equipment
1 Landrover

UNIT Victory:
If all the aliens are dead or have left the planet UNIT can claim a Major victory. If this involves the death of all the Daleks then UNIT can claim a Complete victory.


Player: Kevin

MIB briefing
Got one! We brought down a bogey on a fly-by. Don’t know what or who they are so get out there and collect whatever you can. It’ll probably only be wreckage but you never know. Take the weather balloon stuff for the cover up.

MIB Forces
4 pairs of Operatives deployed from Helicopter

MIB Equipment
1 Helicopter

MIB Victory:
If the MIB can get an upgrade from every available type of alien present they can claim a Complete victory. If they manage to kill or capture every type of alien present but don’t manage the upgrades they can claim a Major MIB victory.

The Game

Here's the table set up. The Dalek ship is top left, the Spug ship is holographically disguised, but must be one of the three buildings because of it's size. The Spug player chose which one and kept it to himself. There is a Spug obsevation device in a box at each corner and in addition to this the Spug player placed five Spug holes.

First to arrive are the MiBs in their helicopter which touched down a respectable distance from the Dalek ship.

Shortly after the Daleks emerge from their ship. They are quite slow and need to cover a lot of ground to scan for the hidden Spug ship. They have a lot of work to do.

Next on the scene are the Spugs themselves. A burrower worm emerges next to one of the observation devices.



Lastly, U.N.I.T. arrive. The Brigadier had the choice of which end of the road to enter on and chose the one furthest away from the exploring Daleks but within easy striking distance of the Burrower Worm. If U.N.I.T. can get the worm before the accompanying Spugs deploy the Spugs will be severely limited in their movement options and their task will be much harder to accomplish.

Accordingly the U.N.I.T. vehicle speeds into the fenced off area and the men debus unoposed. It seems the Spugs have been caught napping.

It takes a couple of round of intense gunfire to destroy the worm. So far, so good. everything is going the Brigadier's way it seems.

While all this is going on the Daleks begin their hunt for a way home. Ignoring the watching MiBs a squad of black Daleks head off to scan the nearest compound.

The Men in Black need to start collecting alien samples and decide there's no time like the present. They fire an opening salvo at the black Daleks. It doesn't have much effect and the Daleks, their scan completed, turn their attention to the annoying humans.

The Daleks close on the MiB in order to bring them into range of their deadly weapons.
Fresh from their earlier success U.N.I.T. arrive and deploy across the road. cunningly the Brigadier is using the MiB as a screen for his own men knowing that he is out of range of the Daleks and that the Daleks will have to deal with the closer threat before they can turn their attention to the U.N.I.T. troopers. The MiB are pouring ineffectual fire into the Dalek group hoping to get a lucky hit.

Both U.N.I.T. and the Mibs score hits on the advancing Daleks. In return the Daleks exterminate a pair of MiB agents. A single kill is all the MiB need to enable them to begin making reasearch rolls and the survivors jump into their helicopter to get away from the oncoming threat.
U.N.I.T. are now faced with a second set of Daleks, Imperial ones, that are heading down the road towards them. The Brigadier is confident that his men will hold.

One of the advancing Daleks is destroyed but the remaining two have the U.N.I.T. troopers in range and open fire.

Concentrated Dalek fire wipes out both infantry sections and the machine gun in short order, U.N.I.T. has nothing with which to reply. The Brigadier watches his doom approaching.

Taking full advantage of everybody else being distracted, one of the Spug leaders surfaces near to one of the observation devices and collects it. He disappears back underground before anyone can react.

Unconcerned, the Imperial Daleks sweep down the road through the smoking remains of the U.N.I.T. force towards the remaining two buildings.

The MiB need to kill some Spugs in order to carry out some more research. They have successfully upgraded their weapons from the information already gathered from the dead Dalek and are feeling more confident. They land next to one of the observation devices knowing that eventually the Spugs will come for it.

Sure enough the Spugs do arrive, perhaps sooner than the MiB expected.

The MiB shoot first and destroy the worm, a good start. The Spugs return fire is devastating though and four of the six agents are killed.
The last pair fall to the next salvo. There are no more humans left now, it's a Spug vs. Dalek struggle.

The Daleks completed their scan whilst the Spugs were collecting the last observation device that they needed and discovered the Spug ship. The Spugs race towards it in order to stop the Daleks stripping the parts they need for their own ship. Luck is with the Spugs and they manage to get their Mites to contact the Daleks and so halt them until the hand-to-hand is decided.
Before this happens however, the Spugs manage to reach their ship and lift off into space. A close run thing but ultimately a victory for the Spugs.


The Spugs collected their observation devices and got away, a complete victory for them. Nobody else came close unfortunately so well done Giro!
U.N.I.T. learnt to keep spread out.
The MiB learnt that their guns are 'variable'. A couple of times Kevin rolled 2D6 to see how many dice he would actually shoot with and came up with 2. Not good when a group of Daleks are closing you down.
The Daleks learnt that they are indeed fearsome creatures but were let down by their slow speed.

Small inset photos provided by Kevin Stone.