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The Horns of the Bull


Impondo Zankhomo, The Horns of the Bull is a set of rules for fighting the Anglo Zulu War of 1879 in miniature.

You will need some six sided dice (D6), a pack of normal playing cards and a few ammunition and shaken counters as well as miniatures and scenery to play.

This book contains:

Comprehensive rules for fighting engagements involving British and Zulu forces.

Four scenarios with maps and orders of battle; Rorke's Drift, Crossing the Nyzane River, Isandlwana and the disaster at the Intombe.

A construction guide for building the mission at Rorke's Drift.

A guide to painting Zulus.

As well as further articles on scenery making and miniature painting.

60 page pdf.

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Ten 28mm white metal miniatures. £15.00