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Most of us are strapped for cash so the opportunity to pick up free or very cheap models, buildings and figures is always attractive. This thread is planned to become an ongoing listing of all the best free or cheap paper/card craft sites so we can all benefit from this growing sector of our hobby.

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Papercraft Links

Aliens Papercraft:

A nice czech site (mostly in English) with a small range of Aliens Film -related models.



German site (in English) dedicated to Warmaster. Halfway down the right hand column is a link that takes you

to some really nice medieval buildings.


Gwindel Miniatures:

Considered by many to be the father of decent quality modern Figure Flats, his cartoony style is not for everyone,

but I really like it. There are historical, fantasy and SF ranges of excellent and imaginitive 28mm figures.

There are also some lovely 15mm Napoleonics all ranked up and ready to battle.

Many of the early Paper-Make-it figures were reworks of Gwindel's originals.


Ebbles Miniatures:

A professional company that does have a nice range of free SF tiles and scenery as well.

Their professional ranges are good quality and not bad prices, compared to many other.


Wizards of the Coast:

It may seem unusual for this gaming megacorp to give anything away for free but they have a lovely range of

medieval buildings buried deep within their archives.


Paper Worlds:

This is a commnuity of card modellers and designers who have produced a huge amount of work, most of it for free. You have to register to get to the good stuff.



A Dutch links site (in English) that lists a large number of papercraft sites. Quite a few links are dead, but there's still a lot of good stuff there.


Jay's Box of Sci-Fi CardToys

Does what it says in the title. A broad range of free spaceships from many of the popular series and films.


Junior General:

A massive range of free paper figures and models. The graphics are often fairly simplistic compared to others, but

you cannot deny the time and effort that has gone into this collection.


Paper Aviation:

A German site with a nice range of SF small spaceships as well as other ranges. Not free, but hey they're good!


Mayhem in Paper:

The homesite for the notorious Squirmydad. It is full of steampunk goodness and all free. If you want to play

Space1889 or similar games he is your man. He is a regular contributor to One Monk's Forum.


Models and Miniature in Paper Archive:

The forerunner of Paper Worlds, and where all that free stuff is stored. Includes lots of One Monk originals you just can't get anywhere elese anymore.


Ninjatoes Papercraft Webpage:

If you like Japanese style cartoonery this is a good place to start.


Odissey Paper Models:

This Italian site (in English) hosts the lovely Hilands collection of free medieval buildings.


One Monk Miniatures:

The home site and shop of the most prolific paper figure artist around. He is also Jim Hartman, the man behind

many of the designs for Litko Aerosystems. There are hundreds of figures here, including many free sampler sets. Its worth browsing here and also joining his huge and very active artist community forum.



Do you need modern/SF buildings for your 6mm Epic scale conflicts or 1/600th tank battles? Well Sarna has dozens and dozens and all free!



The leviathan in the professional Papercraft terrain world. Their site is amazing, as are their designs. You could spend a fortune here and not regret a penny.



The largest paper modelling community on the planet. You have to register and expect to also invest in some high end graphics programs, but the models are often masterpieces of design. The range they cover is incredible.

Warning these are very serious modellers, not wargamers.


Dave Graffam Models:

I was lucky enough to pick up a lot of Daves medieval building designs before he went professional. He now sells

some of the most graphically beautiful models on the market. Well worth the small cost of each.


Jenny's Paper Miniatures:

If you are into 15mm Warhammer 40K and want an all-female Imperial Guard Army then Jenny's your girl. Its worth

keeping an eye on her to see what she does next...


This is just a start and the idea is that you all add your own favourites as well.

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Tony Yorkshire
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Beat me to it ha ha ha,was thinking the same as well.Well done Craig mate most of the sites are the ones i know as well.

My dad has always saved card/paper/all kinds of things to use for modelling,at the moment hes scratch building a hubble telescope model out of card/plastic.He has always saved everything he can and has never believed in waste.He saves money where he can and will pick things up he sees.

I love using foamcard/board now its such a versatile material and worth every penny,it covers well with wall filler,so really the sky is the limit and i am happy to know that i can now create anything i want for a fraction of the cost normally asked:).


cheers all your mate tony:).



January 30, 2010 at 3:42 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Hi Tony,


Foamboard is great for buildings.  Do you know anyone who works at a supermarket?  All the temporary offer and sale signs that hang above our heads are foamboard, and when the date of the offer expires they are just thrown in the compactor...  huge sheets for free:)





PS: I do have more links but thought I'd leave it open for others to add to.

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Site Owner
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This is a great resource, thanks for compiling it Craig :)


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Craig at 08:28AM on Jan 30, 2010

Most of us are strapped for cash so the opportunity to pick up free or very cheap models, buildings and figures is always attractive. This thread is planned to become an ongoing listing of all the best free or cheap paper/card craft sites so we can all benefit from this growing sector of our hobby.

Hi Guys:

Some more sites on the papercraft theme:

Dedicated to 40k stuff, so most of it has 28mm figs in mind - Download links at the bottom of the main 1st page. Buildings are the first listed download and most are in a pdf format - a real mish-mash of printable plans or step by step articles - good if you have a Sci-Fi based game. Bunkers & anti-tanks traps will suit most wwll onward systems. - PaperHammer 40k

A webring featuring various papercraft models - not all wargaming related and some listed sites may be dormant.

I've listed a number of the active sites below with direct links.

A UK site featuring mainly wwl tanks

Some high quality models on this site

Have fun searching and modelling,


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Hi Slade,


Thanks for those. Each one leads you to more links and there goes the afternoon :wink:




February 7, 2010 at 10:24 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Site Owner
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One Monk Miniatures are now all free :)


April 2, 2010 at 6:46 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Tony Yorkshire
Posts: 277

Thank you for the one monk link Paul,brilliant stuff,great way to put together a force/army and have great fun.


Cheers tony.I remember building a 3d dungeon out of games workshop floor plans if anyone remembers them.You got flag stones and wooden floors.



April 3, 2010 at 6:46 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Hi Tony,


Well that was a complete surprise!  It seems Jim (One Monk) has decided to turn his 'business' back into a hobby.


He already works full time for Litko Aerosystems and designs many of their excellent plastic game markers etc., and he has a few ongoing health issues.


So, while they are there I'd get in and download all the good stuff (I certainly have).  Note: that under half of his collection is presently uploaded to the new free pages.  I expect that there will be more.


I do wonder what will happen with the artists he has nurtured through his One Monk community forum, some of whom have gone semi-pro with his help?  Dave Graffam, the card buildings genius, already has his own website but there are others who have been selling through Jim and RPGnow.


Jim is a rare individual in our increasingly commercialised hobby - a genuine gamer and a gentleman.




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