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Missions in Anarchy Online

One of the best features of Anarchy Online is the ability to request missions that the game then generates for you on spec. Missions can be completed fully in around an hour and allow even casual players to have something to show for their time in-game.
Since missions can (and should) be such a large part of the game I have compiled a simple guide to show the process of getting, and reaching, a mission.

Here you can see Ion standing at a mission terminal in Newland.
This one is a Neutral terminal. Omni, Clan and Neutral mission terminals are all a little different in appearance but essentially similar. They all operate the same way.

Right clicking the terminal will bring up its mission window, visible in the top left of the picture. Clicking on Request Missions will generate some missions in the little boxes. You can  generate different kinds of missions to suit your gameplay by moving the Mission Sliders around, but more on that later.
If you
click on a mission symbol and call up your Planet Map (by pressing P)  the location of the mission will be displayed.

click on picture for a bigger version

Here is a close-up showing the location of the mission, far away from Ion's current location of Newland. At the bottom of yout map window is a Mission button that will centre the map on the mission location.

Holding down the Shift key and clicking on the mission icon will bring up a description of the mission. There are five mission types: find item, return item, repair, find person, and kill person missions; this one happens to be a find item mission. At the bottom of the mission description is the reward, this tells you how much experience and cash you will collect from completing it and shows you the
item reward too. Shift and clicking the reward item brings up a full description of it.

Once you know where you're going and what you need to do when you get there it's time to set off. The nearest transport point to this mission is a Grid terminal (you can just see it partially hidden by the mission flag on the map) so it's off to Newland Grid for Ion. Entering the Grid Ion and Felix are transformed into little inverted energy pyramids and can use this virtual world to travel quickly to the furthest parts of Rubi-Ka.

Up a level and along a couple of causeways we soon near our destination: Broken Shores.

Once you arrive at your destination you must rely on your Local map (CTRL + 6 to set this up) and Compass (visible by default but available in the F10 menu) to locate the mission entrance. Every mission is generated behind an existing entrance, usually a door but sometimes a cave or mine entrance or even a hole in the side of a crashed space ship.

click on picture for a bigger version

In this close-up you can see the mission entrance marked on the Local map as an x and the Compass showing it's direction from your current position.

It doesn't take much time to locate the mission entrance, here it is. As you have probably noticed it's right next to the Grid terminal that Ion exited from on arrival. I had to move away initially so that the map and compass in the previous screen shot actually showed something useful.

Once you enter the mission your Local Map changes to show the floorplan and inhabitants.

click on picture for a bigger version

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