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Denizens of the Shadowlands

Hecklers roam the Brink in the Shadowlands, devouring the very fabric of reality. Some, who ave fallen from the Brink can be found in the further reaches of Rubi-Ka itself.

My Hecklers are Reaper Bones models.

Here are my Hecklers at the Brink. I bought the rock formations off eBay.

Reaper do this great tree man in their Bones range. I could get three of these for the price of a single metal one. These are Rafters, huge plant creatures from the Shadowlands.

Many areas of the Shadowlands, particularly the catacombs, are infested with Spirits. TheseSpirits are Reaper Bones miniatures made from translucent green plastic, no painting required!

The Brink

The Brink is the edge of the Shadowlands. It's an area where Hecklers break up and devour the very fabric of reality. The land stops, breaks into floating fragments of varying sizes, and eventually just disappears into the void.

What a great place for some missions!

My Brink setting is going to have a water base with islands and rock spires growing out of it. The water could turn into the void at any time so, although it's shallow, staying in it for any length of time is dangerous.

I found the work of Alan Anderson on eBay. He made some rock spires that first caught my attention and was willing to make some more items to fill my table.

Here's an example of Alan's work:

Here's my Brink table set out. Eventually there will be some buildings and some actual floating areas too so it will be a little bit fuller.

Hecklers patrol the shallows and Spirits wander the islands.

Leets lurk (as always).

Weavers lurk in the high places making getting to those chests a dangerous prospect.

A group of players emerge from a transportation statue and are immediately best by Spirits.

A Rafter looks on from its island as a Voracious Horror leads more Hecklers towards the players.

More Rafters appear.

More work from Alan. Here some monolithic remains of enigmatic Xan technology.

The journey to the Shadowlands begins in the floating city of Jobe. here the Jobe scientists first discovered how to open portals to the Shadowland.

My portal is an MDF kit from DarkOps terrain.

It works as a return portal too.

Continuing theJobe theme I have some colour changing lights from Wargame-Model-mods. These were part of a Kickstarter I backed last year and there'll be plenty more from this manufacturer appearing in this project soon.

This video shows them cycling through their colours.

 I also got some MDF teleport/elevator pads from Warlord Games.