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All Things Zombie

All Things Zombie is published by Two Hour Wargames and is a game about surviving in a zombie infested world. There is a campaign setting where you can run through the different levels of infestation, from the initial breakout to total zombie world domination.

The game is quick to learn and plays fast. It's also very good for solo play as the game handles the zombies and any players are controling groups of survivors.

This is a report of our first game.....

The Game

Rushing to the waiting helicopter, the car carrying a worried VIP swerves to avoid a lurching figure in a side street and crashes into a low wall.
As the VIP and his guards stumble from the wreck dazed and confused, shambling forms start to emerge from the surrounding buildings.......

The helicopter waits a block away. How long will it be before the pilot looses his nerve and takes off without his expected passengers? They should have been here by now.

The guards ready their guns as the undead approach...

The initial wave of zombies charge but are easily shot down.
As the party make for the alleyway to get to the main street a second bunch of zombies lurch from the shadows, attracted by the gunfire, and force the bodyguards to retreat back towards the car.
One guard hears the ominous click of his empty gun just before he's dragged to the ground screaming. Although his friends kill the undead that are feasting on him, it's too late to save him, soon there'll be one more living dead in the cursed city.

Unable to stand it any more the VIP screams in panic and makes a dash for the alley.
The guards look on momentarily stunned.

Regaining their composure the remaining guards rush to protect their valuable subject.
Whilst the head bodyguard fights a rearguard action and holds the pursuing undead at bay the other two run past the VIP and begin to fire into the walking corpses in the main street.

Leaving his guards to deal with the zombie threat the VIP dashes down the street, his only thought is for his own safety.

Frantically the guards rush to catch up. One remains behind to try and delay the ever-growing horde of undead that is shambling towards the sounds of the gunfire.

There's a slight delay while everyone catches their breath and gets their bearings.
Suddenly, more zombies arrive and rush (slowly) towards the stunned party.
The VIP emits a small, high-pitched noise and scarpers down the side street.
His guards start to gun down the pursuing undead.

As two of the guards clear a space around them and make haste to rejoin their panicing client the third finds he has run out of options and goes down under a sea of clawing fingers and slavering mouths........

The surviving trio are almost at their destination.
As the VIP starts to clamber over the fence that stands between him and the safety of the helicopter his two remaining guards spray bullets into the zombies that are shambling around the aircraft.

The three survivors reach their means of escape.
Safe at last, but for how long?.......

'Just remember what ol' Jack Burton does when the Earth quakes, the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big old storm right in the eye and says, "Give me your best shot. I can take it.'
-Jack Burton